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>Presidents Are Not Supposed To Be Above The Law


In Chapter 21 of Murder By Executive Order, Marci and Roger Thoreau were at home discussing the sad state of affairs the country and the world finds itself. Parenthetically, the above title about Presidents being above the law is more true with the Obama Administration than any recent presidency. For example, today (February 23, 2011) President Barak Obama announced that he has ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to no longer enforce the Defense of Marriage Act that was signed by President Bill Clinton. 
Read about this major constitutional error of our current president in my “Evil Men” blog.

   FDR and every president and Congress thereafter had promised that Social Security would be held separate from the general fund. If Social Security needed money, it would be an easy matter to raise taxes to take care of the elderly. Well, just how far can you go with that kind of a promise when the people are taxed to death already and the country is broke?


   “Why do you always have to win?”   Marci was holding both of her husband’s hands, looking into the brown eyes of Roger Thoreau in a trusting and yet scolding way. “Why do you always have to win, Roger? Maybe you could just resign yourself to coming in second.”

   “But don’t you see, Marcie? With politics and progressives there is no such thing as coming in second. That’s like losing – losing our liberties. I can’t stand it. If there’s a chance Professor Piper can send me back in time I’m willing to go tomorrow.”
   “I’ll miss you, honey.” She really didn’t believe in time travel and had no faith at all in Professor Piper.
   “Cool, I’ll write you from the Spirit World.”
   “Don’t bother. By then the Postal Service and everything else will be going out of business.”
   She knew he was just kidding in suggesting you could make a phone call or write from the parallel universe to which they were destined to travel. We’ve been married so long that I think I know you better than you know yourself.” Then she searched Roger’s dark eyes and a tear ran down her face and wet the glass tabletop. “What I mean, Roger, is if you take this stuff too seriously, I’m afraid I’ll lose you.”
   :”No, you won’t.”
   “No. I won’t lose the man, Roger Thoreau, per se.” She hesitated to form the words just right. “But I’m afraid you will change, Roger…In that sense I will lose you. I won’t even recognize the man I was married to for forty years if you put all your emphasis into winning and not enough into staying as pure and good as you are today.”
   He smiled, hugged her, and pressed his warm cheek against her cold one. “It’s you changing that I fear most, darling. Just don’t change, Roger. Remain the good, clean sort that you’ve always been. Don’t let politics or this overwhelming desire to make a difference change you, dear. Your life – your eternal life – and mine are at stake.”
   Marci was seated at the kitchen table. She inhaled deeply, opening a copy of the Herald Tribune. “Did you see this story? A fifty-year-old man, a former admiral in the U.S. Navy, has just married a rich Mexican and they are honeymooning somewhere in Europe. It says here she’s heiress to a fortune. Beer money. Grupo. Ever heard of that, honey?
   “Not particularly. Of course we’re Mormons and we don’t drink beer, so that name doesn’t mean much to me.”
   “This admiral was married to the same woman for over thirty years and she got cancer and died. Poor soul. But, Roger, I just wanted to tell you how strange this seems. Doesn’t it sound strange – a fiftyish American marrying a thirtyish Mexican bombshell millionaire? That’s the stuff movies are made of but not real life. It seems so improbable, that’s all.”
   “Married her because of her money? But the question is why did she marry him?”
   “Stability, maybe?”
   “We don’t walk in their world. We’ll never have to worry about remarriage, Marci. You and I will never die before the Savior comes.” He winked at her. “It’s all about our clean living and innocent thoughts. We’re both going to live to be one hundred.”
   “We don’t have to worry about becoming rich, either,” she added. “Do you really think your relative, President Woodrow Wilson, was happily married?” Marci moved to the stove where something was boiling in a red pot. She didn’t need an answer
   She brought the soup over to the table in two large china bowls. They talked over their chowder and a banana-strawberry smoothie she had whipped up in her countertop blender.
   “Uum, this is so good,” Roger said. But about the Sentinel story, he shrugged with indifference.. “I’m not keen on the gossip page,”

   Marci and Roger also were fleshing out the invisible empire that Wilson sponsored – the Federal Reserve Banking System.

   “From what you just read,” said Roger, “one must think him a total idiot if you thought he didn’t know exactly what a Frankenstein he had created in the banking community.”
   “But he did, didn’t he?” said Marci.
   “Yes, he was the master of saying one thing and meaning another. This is what I will have to work against in the Spirit World with Grandpa Wilson. There was plenty of deception there among the spirits before the world was born. His spirit may be so recalcitrant that there’s no saving him, no matter how old his spirit is when I encounter him. But as hard as it may seem, I still want to try.   
   This country and our freedoms are too valuable to just give up and accept defeat.”
   “What about his soul?”
   “The worth of souls is great – even priceless – in the eyes of God and ought to be to us also,” she said.
   “There are many of my genealogy who never accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ – and a lot of it has to do with the way Woodrow Wilson acted. Maybe by me going back to a parallel universe we can change all of that. At least I want to try.”
   Marci was slowly shaking her head. “People go to foreign countries to find their genealogy. But I’ve never heard of a man going back to the Spirit World to change things. Sounds impossible to me. Can God make an exception for him only? I mean if God approves you going back there – and that’s a big if – to change the perfect game he created, could he feel mocked and not allow it at all? If I were a betting girl, I’d give you only a five percent chance of success, Roger. Are you prepared to risk everything for such a small chance that you’ll actually get back there – and once in the Spirit World, that you, little old Roger Thoreau, can out talk this former prideful president and get this man, this monster you call your grandfather, to repent and come out of the dark side? I think that’s a lot to bite off, Roger.”
   “I’ve thought about that, Hon. And believe me, I’ve prayed and searched the scriptures. I know I’m going against all logic and reason and Church doctrine. If our bishop and the brethren in Salt Lake knew what I was about, the fact I believe in eternal life as well as time travel, they might excommunicate me. I’ll just have to take that chance. It won’t be easy. And I know that our earth life is the time for man to repent, not up in heaven like Christians of other denominations like to call everything after death. I’ve been all through that. Will God make an exception – to save America, to save our prosperity so that we can as a church continue to send out missionaries so that his other commandment, to proclaim the gospel to all the world, can be achieved?” He put his head in his hands and a tear or two washed over his face. “I don’t know, I don’t know. But I’ve got to try…I’ve got to try. Don’t you see, Marci?”
   Roger inhaled deeply and continued. “The gospel was restored officially in 1830, twenty-six years before Wilson was born. It was still very small. I don’t think he had the opportunity to accept it in the flesh, but I intend to do the earthly ordinances and it will be up to him to accept it in the Spirit World. In D&C 19 the Lord says if Wilson and others like him keep God’s commandments they can receive of his fullness, and be glorified in me as I am in the Father.” He was reading from Doctrine and Covenants 93:1, 19-20.
   “If the crowning work and glory of God is as he says, to bring to pass the eternal life of man, then I would think he would approve because the worth of a soul is great in the sight of God. The Latter-day Apostle Marion G. Romney said if that is so then it ought to be, likewise, great in the sight of men. Roger was reading from an article written by Romney: ‘As God’s work and glory is to bring to pass the eternal life of man, so the desire, hope, and work of every man should be to obtain eternal life for himself. And not for himself only but also for his fellowmen; and it will be when he fully appreciates who and what he is – his nature, origin, destiny, and potentiality.’
   .”He said that in comparison to eternal life, all else sinks into insignificance. For, as Jesus said: What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Unless I do something for my kindred dead, namely poor old Woodrow, he, indeed, will lose his soul.”
   Marci brushed back her long, gray hair and read from a biography of President Wilson: “He said ‘The history of liberty is a history of resistance.’”
   “Roger, I just quoted Woodrow Wilson. That doesn’t sound like an enemy of liberty.”
   “No, it doesn’t. But, again, remember – this man will say things he doesn’t mean. What these folks are after is transfer of full sovereignty from separate nations including the U.S. to a world organization…
   Marci was shaking her head. “My, my – it’s a wicked world. Now that you mention it, politicians do it all the time and every American completely forgives and forgets the promises. Lies are accepted as something all politicians do these days. You can’t trust any of them.”
   Then Marci had that big “Eureka” discovery sign on her face. “What Wilson really meant was that the history of America is one at war with the Constitution. Self-determination is a history of resistance. In this he and President Drake are alike.”
   “Exactly, Marci. And he hides in the fringes like a chameleon, knowing full well he can’t produce. He knows what Americans want. They want the spending to stop. Drake knows he will never get reelected unless he tries to balance the budget and cut the deficit, but the only way he can do that is to raise taxes because he’s just not a guy who likes to cut spending. He got elected president for a first term because we didn’t believe him – he told us what he was, a progressive donkey. He’s no Patrick Henry – you know, ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’ He too much needs the conservatives, independents, and libertarians to elect him president so he throws out a few bones to conservatives now and then. And those little sayings that sound patriotic are his twenty-first century sound bites that he used during the campaign. Don’t you think Conroy Drake habitually lies?”
   “Yes, politicians are born liars.”
   Roger finished off the last spoonful of his chowder and smiled at Marci. “Boy, was that good. Let’s have that more often. You’re right.  That Drake talk of transparency, draining the swamp, and changing the way we do business in Washington was all a lie. He really meant less, not more, transparency. The changes he would make wouldn’t be to eliminate the heavy Weldon Wyatt spending, but to increase it. He didn’t mean he would eliminate earmarks or crony politics like we all thought he promised. Even many Republicans can’t seem to get weaned off earmarks, but this guy Drake is like Grandpa Wilson – the master of deception.”
   Marci was smiling. “And now we have the academics, those in higher education, calling for more earmarks. They’re saying colleges and universities get a lot of money through politicians who have money to throw around. Tuition might have to go up without them.”
   “Bring it on, Marci. Let those privileged colleges like Harvard and Stanford increase their tuition. That’s fine, maybe some of those misinformed libs that teach evolution should learn to tighten their belts. Some colleges are so lackadaisical about spending. Maybe they should close their doors. Our children deserve better than to constantly hear how great our liberal politicians are and how Darwin discovered that we all came from monkeys. Why should conservative taxpayers have to pay professors who tell our children how wonderful Karl Marx was and how all leaders of the world should be like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And to think that our tax dollars are paying for that?
   “Down with earmarks!” I imagine Columbia University got earmark money. They had that Iranian President Ahmadinejad speak to the students against protests of a lot of Americans. It was never brought out how much taxpayer money supported that liberal university. So why shouldn’t we have spoken out against it?”
   “Right on, Marci. Ahmadinejad opens his mouth and out spews anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. Many Americans view him and the Iranian regime among the foremost threats to Jews and the state of Israel. Ahmadinejad repeatedly demonizes the state of Israel and openly calls for its destruction at every opportunity. He described Israel as a fake regime that “must be wiped off the map. Can you feature Hitler coming here before World War Two and propagandizing our students? This man’s a little Hitler. It would never have happened. Our people were too patriotic then.”
   “Roger, isn’t Ahmadinejad the one who called Zionists the most detested people in all humanity? Didn’t he call the extermination of six million Jews during the war a myth? What a vulgar man!”
   “Yeah, he claims the Jews played up Nazi atrocities during the Holocaust to extort sympathy for Israel from European nations. What right does this dictator have to come over here and preach peace and truth to us? He’s a nasty murderer. Do you think Presidents Drake or Wyatt could go there and preach freedom, capitalism, and the American way of life? Flat out, no!” Roger’s voice was loud and emphatic.
   Then Thoreau looked at his bride and softened his voice. “First of all, Marci, they aren’t inclined to do so. They don’t have the guts of a Ronald Reagan who stood in Berlin as Kennedy and others had done before him before a closed Brandenberg Gate near a hundred-mile twelve-foot concrete wall encircling Berlin that separated Communist Germany from the western world – dividing Germans who could exercise their God-given rights from those whom Hitler, like Ahmadinejad, had deprived of their right to assemble, worship, speak out against tyranny, and live their lives in peace and prosperity like their brothers and sisters in West Germany.
   “I guess that’s the difference between a free country and a repressive society. We have to put up with this kind of thing.”
   “No, we don’t. If Wyatt and Drake had an ounce of guts they would have kept this man off U.S. soil. There is much U.S. government money supporting Columbia. Just from the National Institute of Health, for example, they get thirty-two million dollars from taxpayers yearly. They fund much of the research that takes place at places like Columbia and MIT and other universities. Yet when we go to buy one of these blockbuster drugs they produce, we end up paying far more than people in any other country. It’s a conspiracy. Yes, I say, throw out the foreign progressives, socialists, communists, and Muslim Brotherhood activists who want to destroy America. But I guess that’s impossible as long as we have the United Nation’s building in New York. That’s why I favor kicking the United Nations off our soil. It has no right even being here. It takes our money and slanders us.
   “A majority of Americans believe the UN is of no value, except to spend our money for their own progressive purposes, like foreign abortions, padding pockets of dictators, and promulgating the killing of millions of people – primarily Africans – by genetically modifying seeds. That is a real problem. That and the burning of excess oil at refineries, spewing oil into the air where it comes back down to destroy the once fertile farm land in Nigeria, for example, destroying agriculture, wildlife, and waterways in Africa and  destroying their health.
   “If you can’t gather seeds after a harvest, you have to go and buy Bill Gate’s expensive seeds to plant crops the next year. These Africans are poor already. They can’t afford those seeds. That’s okay, they say.. Gate’s group will loan them the money. You see, Marci, this is the way progressives make billions of dollars while enslaving the poor and disadvantaged. It’s all part of a conspiracy to cut world population in half – to divide the haves and the have-nots, making most of us serfs and servants to our royal masters, the other half. Few know about this, Marci, but I fully intend to expose this in a book I shall write once we take down President Drake.”
   The Thoreaus had done their research. They knew the same thing was true with Woodrow Wilson. People didn’t know they had elected such a scoundrel. In fact he did such a good job of hiding who he was that he got re-elected in 1916, albeit only by a slim margin. He succeeded because people fell asleep.
   The United States presidential election of 1916 took place while Europe was embroiled in World War One. Public sentiment in the still neutral United States leaned towards the British and French, the allied forces. That was due to the harsh treatment of civilians by the German Army that had invaded and occupied large parts of Belgium and northern France.
   However, despite their sympathy with the allied forces, most American voters wanted to avoid involvement in the war and preferred to continue a policy of neutrality. The campaign pitted incumbent President Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat, against Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes, Republican. After a hard-fought contest, Wilson defeated Hughes.
   Wilson was helped by his duplicitous campaign slogan “He kept us out of war. One month after the election he announced America was going to war.”
   “Dishonesty is also our leaders’ malady today,” isn’t it Roger?.
   “Absolutely. More than half of America voted for Drake. He sweet-talked them to sleep with his lies, and they still slumber. The president could chop off their heads and they wouldn’t care. In fact, if this talk of his creating a riot or a crisis is true, which it is, and real patriots – the gun owners – come out defending liberty and he calls home the U.S. Military from Afghanistan and puts all of those freedom rabble rousers – including you and I – in concentration camps and leaves us there to die, then he has done just that. His intention is to kill a hundred million patriotic Americans – maybe twice that. He and his kind believe the earth can’t handle seven billion people.”
   “What a cruel world we have,” said Marci, tears coating her eyes.
   Roger Thoreau wrapped his arms around his bride of many years and held her tight. “It doesn’t have to be, Marci. God intended for America to be free and prosperous. Of that I am certain. That is why I don’t think he would mind if a few of us went back to the Spirit World to a time where we could affect for good those nasty progressives, those spirits who may not know what they are doing when they blandly accept progressive ideas in the Spirit World.  
      “The Constitution is important. But people don’t fully understand it. They don’t do their own reading. They rely on those so-called Constitutional scholars like Wilson and Drake who like to lie about it. One must first look at the Declarations of Independence. It sets out the moral vision the Founders had for the government. Their first statement was momentous: “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” In other words, grounded in natural law, evident to all thinking and honest people. This is the seminal passage of the Declaration. If you don’t understand that, you won’t understand the enumerated Constitutional rights.
   “And I didn’t say it gave, because I’m talking about rights only God can give. I’m also talking about things we the people and the states gave to the Federal Government to operate. The government didn’t give us the right to hold property, so they can’t take that right away. That right is inalienable. It came directly to us from God. In other words, Wilson’s progressive income tax law is unconstitutional on its face. Yet we have to pay taxes because the Supreme Court has validated it. The law must be repealed.   
   “Government can’t take our property and give it to someone else. It doesn’t have that power. The higher law from which we derive most of our rights comes from God. Or put in other words, it comes from natural reasoning of what is right. If it is not political law from which we derive our rights, then it must be a higher law, moral law. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident’ is grounded in reason. Self-evident laws are grounded in reason and a higher law, a natural law. It is moral reasoning accessible to all, and that is at the root of our freedom, the foundation of our political system.”
   Marci nodded in agreement. “That means there must be other cardinal truths, too.”
   “Yes, and they include that ‘all men are created equal.’ Some are not more or less equal than another before the law. Yet, I’m afraid the current administration wants to make certain men rich get richer at the expense of the lot of us who are just middle class or poor. Take away a hundred million people in the U.S., five hundred million in China, four hundred million from India and so forth. Soon, you have eliminated half the people of the world, thus making the survivors, theoretically, richer because there is more land and other scarce resources left for them.”
   “The next one must be that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights.”
   Roger smiled. “Right on, Marci – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That last one  – happiness – was substituted for the word, property, because when this was written certain of the founders held slaves, and they were also considered property. A dispute arose over that provision so they replaced the word property with happiness. But the unwritten truth to this is that property is one of our inalienable rights. Since that is the case, no one can take away our property over our objections. That invalidates the national income tax law.
   “There is also the doctrine of liberty, property, and contract rooted in common law. This comes by way of ‘right reason.’”
   Marci looked perplexed. “If we already have all those rights, why do we need a national government?”
   “Good question. The Declaration says we institute government only to secure our rights – our natural rights and the rights we create as we live here. But the power government needs to secure our rights is derived from us, the people, in order to be just. And this is where the problems arise. The government – Judiciary, Senate, House, and President – has the asinine attitude that they can create rights by passing laws and validating them. That is not true, unless it concerns the mandate we gave them, that is to protect us and secure our rights.”
   Marci was seeing it clearly. “So with this reasoning, what business does government have in getting into the health care, energy, owning an auto company and banks?”
   “Absolutely none, Marci. It’s disgusting, isn’t it? And now government wants to take up training our children. That right was never given them by the states or by the people. Congress has merely started passing laws granting money to states and their schools if they would abide by their rules. That’s out and out bribery and fraud. We will end up taking Drake to court over that.

   Presidents are not above the law. 

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