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>Sell Our Reserve Crude?


Finally, An Original Obama Idea:

“Sell Our Reserve Crude, Bring Down Oil Prices, Save The World!”

What Could Be Better–Look At the International Hype It Would Generate For Obama!

There was a blogger who tagged onto a CNBC story crediting Obama with a drop in oil prices by the uncanny idea of selling our reserves. Several problems with that: first, it isn’t original. Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gringrich suggested it two months ago and it bombed.

Second, seems this blogger was an Obama contributor. Of course! Just shows how desperate Obama policy advisors are—they can’t think of anything new so they dredge up an old Gringrich albatross. Most thinking Republicans smelled foul and here’s why.

One, what happens if there is a national disaster—or if China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, or some terrorist organization attacks en masse while we’ve got our oil “pants down?” What if we couldn’t fly our planes, drive our tanks, propel our aircraft carriers or even power Air Force One?

Chief Bond Market Strategist Tony Crescenzi, of Miller Tabak + Co., LLC, wrote on the CNBC “Guest Blog” August 4 that “expectations of an Obama win could knock $40 off the oil price.”

According to, Crescenzi gave $687 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in late 2007.

This biased fool claimed Obama’s August 4 energy speech reaffirmed that position because the candidate “might tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)” if elected. Of course he gave Obama’s speech partial credit for the $3.69 drop in the price of a barrel of oil the same day.

Obama said ‘we should sell 70 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve for less expensive crude, which in the past has lowered gas prices within two weeks,’” Crescenzi wrote. He went on to claim: “If Barrack Obama wins the presidency, the price of oil could fall $40 per barrel.” [sp]

And why don’t we also sell all of our tanks, airplanes, and ships at sea? It would make as much sense.

CNBC’s on-air experts didn’t agree that Obama’s words reduced the price of oil. John Kingston, Platts’ director of oil, told the network Obama’s speech had a questionable impact on the decline in oil prices. “Well, I question whether in fact it has had the impact, actually,” he said. Kingston explained much of the day’s sharp drop was technical and had occurred prior to the speech. Another CNBC expert, Stuart Frankel broker Steve Grasso agreed Obama had nothing to do with the drop. “I don’t think it has anything to do with Obama,” he explained. Grasso said there were a “bunch of different catalysts” impacting the market including the end of a threat from Tropical Storm Edouard and changing geopolitical realities. “I think the oil play near term is over,” he added.

These are dreadful, worrisome times, though Democrats believe they are on top of the world. They want to believe that these are “great times” for an Obama crowd.

But with the many foolish answers he produces, as president Obama could quickly take our country down. He will admit, however, that these are times that try his patience. Why? Because he lacks an ounce of sense and originality and is hard-scrabbling with prideful oil-dirty fingernails and gold dust in his eyes, casting around to find a thought that will propel him past that wily old war hero John McCain.

John McCain remains a level-headed, sincere American leader. Senator John McCain

Obama thought his big tsunami needed to separate him and Mac in the polls would come at the Brandenburg Gate in front of Friedrich Wilhelm II’s non-voting Germans—who else—who had given lady luck to another Democrat “world saver” orator 40 years earlier. Obama craved instant fame from a speech that contained no American patriotism and a lot of international blather that Americans hate. How could he get it so wrong?

He thought that at least the Israelis, whom American Evangelicals venerate, would say: “Dat’s my boy, Mosha,” but it didn’t happen—there was no acceptance. In fact most Israelis hated his words —give in to the Palestinians or your hind end will soon be toasted by Iranian bombs. In essence, this was Obama’s trial balloon language destined for failure. It was a dirigible that wouldn’t fly—a led Zeppelin, a rush of hot air from Barak’s mouth that ignited and blew up in his face, sending his numbers south.

When will the tall skinny boy learn, Mosha? When we send a boy abroad to do a man’s work dat’s what we get? When he loses in November, what can he do but go on being a Senate nobody until Illinois voters catch onto him. Poor Obama! And the “Global Warming” идея (idea) is already gone, Mosha. Al Gore took it, and there hasn’t been a single nimbus sighting a hundred yards from Obama’s head. What’s to become of him? Maybe Hillary can run in four years and use him as spiritual advisor and head waiter to mix the drinks?