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>Sharron Angle’s Powerful Ad Exposing Harry Reid’s Sex Addict Vote


Sharron Angle is out with a powerful new TV ad exposing another one ofHarry Reid‘s outrageous Senate acts.
During the health care debate, he actually OPPOSED an amendment prohibiting sex offenders from getting Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs at taxpayer expense!
Now that Angle has exposed Reed’s vote, his liberal backers are crying foul.
But here’s the AP report on the vote at the time it happened:
AP: “Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., proposed an amendment barring federal expenditures for supplying Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs to sex offenders and cracking down on fraudulent health spending. Coburn said it would save $650 million a year, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., called it ‘a crass political stunt,’ and Democrats turned it aside 57-42.”
Help Sharron Angle expose Harry Reid’s’ “Viagra for Sex Addicts” vote with her powerful new ad — Go Here Now.

What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!