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>Helping Communists Doesn’t Equate With Fighting Them

McCain’s service on the board of the U.S. Council for World Freedom (CWF), “an ultraconservative right-wing group” to fight communism in South and Central America is not at all equal to Obama’s relationships with known communists, traitors, terrorists, and Arab financers of his Columbia and Harvard college education.

The Obama bombshell will burst sometime during his first term as president, if he makes it that far. God forbid! Investigators will persist in uncovering facts about this man he wants–for obvious reasons–to keep hidden. Such as his grades in college; who financed his degree? who got him into Harvard? What he said in his thesis. We do know it was about Russia and perhaps complimentary to the Soviets during a time when President Reagan was fighting to get Gorbachev to “tear down that wall” but well before the Soviet Union disintegrated and dissolved.

Yet, on the eve of the Nashville McCain-Obama debate there are some who would like to have McCain or the moderator ask questions about Obama’s communist education and terrorist linkage.

Democrats, remarkably, would like to equate those dark secrets with McCain’s passive board membership in the group that fought communism during the Reagan years. There’s no comparison! Since when has it been popular to rub shoulders with known terrorists? That’s what Obama did. In fact he was close to William Ayers, in his home. He and the NY Times try to explain it away by saying he was only eight years old when Ayers was plotting and carrying out the bombing of homes, the Capital and the Pentagon. Ayers and one of his chief partners in crime were captured, but Ayers got off on a technicality–investigators used wiretapping and committed other legal errors in their case against him. So he went free and has been doing something we shouldn’t have allowed a known terrorist to do–teach young people in a university, the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Unveiling Obama’s Social Network
There are many conservatives who are convinced that Obama has direct ties to Ayers today, though he disclaims anything but a casual acquaintenceship with this bomber and, oh, they both live in the same Chicago subdivision and see each other “on the street,” that’s all. But many of us believe Ayers masterminded the bringing of Obama from New York to Chicago, that it was Ayers who was behind finding him a job as a community organizer and later getting him on a board with him and helping him gain a seat in the Illinois legislature. He also was instrumental in indoctrinating Obama in his socialist, one-world and communist ideals.

But Obama had long before been influenced by a friend of his mother’s, a man who for nine years while Barak was growing up visited their home in Hawaii, talked communism and poetry. The “Frank” in Obama’s book–no he didn’t want to tell readers his last name, too easy to trace to communism–is really Frank Marshall Davis, a communist leader in Hawaii and a man some have called a sex pervert. So Obama was ready for the communist line that Ayers and others fed him when he got to New York and Columbia.

For the tall Obama, the U.S. senate was but a prelude for the presidency, and all of it was managed and planned for by William Ayers, not by Obama himself. The scary part, told in a special Shawn Hanity America special Monday night, September 5, 2008, is that Obama will not reveal anything about his college days. He wrote a thesis at Harvard, but has had Harvard seal the record, not giving out his grades, who financed his education or allowing others to obtain copies of his writing while at the school. Others have done a much better and deeper probe of this at Fox, so I’ll leave you a link. Inn The Illinois State Senate, Obama Secured $75,000 For A Family Member’s Organization:

Obama Awarded $75,000 In Grants To A Social Service Organization Led By His Wife’s Cousin.

In 1999 Obama Secured $50,000 For Adult Literacy And $25,000 For Youth Services, Both For An Organization Called Blue Gargoyle. ” This was on Chicago’s South (Christopher Wills, “Obama Awarded Illinois Grants To Relative’s Group,” The Associated Press, 10/6/08).

Blue Gargoyle’s Executive Director At The Time Was Capers Funnye, Michelle Obama’s First Cousin Once Removed, a South Side rabbi.”

Obama wrote the Bush Administration A Letter Supporting A $20 Million Grant From HUD To A Housing Project Being Developed By The Founding Partner Of His Law Firm And A Longtime Supporter on this development team:

It’s a Chicago housing project that is behind schedule and whose development team includes a longtime political supporter.” (Jim McElhatton, “Obama Sought HUD Grant For Donor’s Project,” The Washington Times, 10/6/08)

  • One Of The Developers Of The Stateway Project Is Allison Davis, A Founding Partner In Obama’s Law Firm And Longtime Contributor To Obama’s Campaigns.
  • Steve Ellis, Vice President Of Taxpayers For Common Sense, Compared The Practice Of Writing Letters To Support Federal Spending To The Practice Of Earmarks, Heavily Influenced By Lobbyists. “‘It’s not just Senator Obama; it’s endemic to Capitol Hill. It’s a broad issue, where lawmakers are just simply rubber-stamping something through,’ said Steve Ellis, vice president of the nonpartisan Taxpayers for Common Sense, referring to the practice of consultants writing funding requests for lawmakers. ‘It’s sort of like of your standard earmark practice in a lot of ways, where lobbyists end up writing the request letters,’ he said. ‘It’s a problem especially if neither the staff nor the lawmaker knows what’s going into the request.'” (Jim McElhatton, “Obama Sought HUD Grant For Donor’s Project,” The Washington Times, 10/6/08)

>So-Called Fairness Doctrine Is Not Fair

Watchout, Rush, Glenn, Shawn, Bill!
Powerful Foes Want to End the Gabfest

by Don White
Orlando–Democrats want two things: The White House and your freedom of speech via radio.

Analysts are going so far as to say that if the Democrats win in November, we can expect an all-out attack on talk radio. Political talk, as we know it today, could end.

But how is that possible. Isn’t this supposed to be the land of the free? Aren’t our freedom of speech rights protected in the First Amendment? What happened to this language in the Constitution?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Yes, these rights are protected. But left-wingers have promulgated their version of what being free means. They created a name that sounds good, the Freedom Doctrine, but it could rob Americans of their God-given rights. They think that anytime someone says something of a political nature, there should be “free and equal” time for opposing views on that radio or TV station. Even though it cost that station millions each year to stay in business and these Democrats didn’t contribute to that successful bottom line.

What about the rights and freedoms of free entrepreneurs in America?

The Freedom Doctrine, if Obama dictates, could deal a deathblow to talk radio. It could be doomed, because conservative radio stations are popular with the people; they have sprung up like Camdon Lilies all over this nation and liberals want to put a stop to it. This is a mean and vicious attack on private enterprise as well as freedom of speech and thought.

It seems to me that if liberals wanted they could set up opposing radio stations with opposite views to those on conservative stations. If that were possible–and it certainly is–it should not be a violation of anyone’s right to rebut an issue. It just doesn’t have to be on the same radio station.

Conservatives are worried. Talk radio has been an excellent media of exchange of thoughts and views. It is a big reason why the Conservatives and the Republicans have done so well in Congress and in the White House the past 30 years. Without it we would be demogued by the NBCs, CBSes, ABCs and other liberal news networks.

Newsmax magazine said in a recent article, “If they [Democrats] win, Rush, Imus, Savage, Beck, and dozens of other major hosts will be muzzled by using federal regulations to control political talk.”

So, what’s our plan of attack?

As Newsmax reveals in its special report, “The Battle for Talk Radio,” leading liberals in Congress, the Democratic presidential candidates, and even some Republicans speak openly of their plans to end conservative talk radio using federal regulations.

“Their weapon: a revived Fairness Doctrine, which would once again require stations to air divergent points of view — a clever ruse that makes station owners leery of airing controversial talk-radio hosts fearing law suits and federal sanctions.”

With a new Fairness Doctrine, you could see many top conservative radio hosts canned.

This Newsmax special report also features an exclusive interview with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly who tells Newsmax there is no question a plan is being hatched. “The far-left kooks will try, but they will fail,” O’Reilly says.