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>North Korea Has Declared War on U.S.


You might wonder what President Obama is doing? He has beefed up Hawaii's anti missile defense system.
I would hope also that maybe he has ordered some ships to respond in that area.
In hard news, North Korea has declared war on America, and President Obama seems to have no

answers. Apparently Kim Jong Il does not read the Jayson Blair Times at wine and cheese

parties. The two kidnapped American girls must be brought home immediately. 
In Israel, the Knesset has finally had enough. They are advocating a bold proposal for dealing

with the Palesimians that I love.
A recent example of Ideological Bigotry came from Playboy. It takes a lot for a single man

to be angry at playboy, but their abusive column towards some of the loveliest conservative

women on Earth was beyond the pale, even for them.
Brian Hoffman produced a fun movie satirizing wine snobs. It is entitled "Corked."
On the domestic policy front, the Reich has declared war again, but this has nothing to do

with the Holocaust or Germany.
As for Barack Obama, he is a man, not a movement.
In bizarre political news, I still can't figure out why New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine was

found swimming in my swimming pool. I wish he would leave.
Myspace and Facebook were bad enough. We now have the apocalypse, known as Twitter. We are

becoming the nation of Narcissista, a bunch of self-absorbed Twit(terer)s.
Every other political issue under the sun was covered here.
Congratulations to Conan O'Brien, who succeeds without the nastiness of his competitor.

Johnny Carson would approve.
Most importantly, attached are a bunch of links of events that others are working on. Please

send me your events and I will happily promote them.
eric aka the Tygrrrr Express