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>Publix Food Stores In Florida Is Discriminating Against Poor Latino Farm Workers


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I know what you’re going to say: “So waht, huh.”
I know something about how hard farm work can be when you don’t have an education and you work with your hands all day long for a pittance.

When I was twelve or thirteen in Salt Lake County my brother and I used to walk three miles to some farms on 2400 South between Third and Fifth East in South Salt Lake.

This time it was Japanese farmers who discriminated against white kids, having them weed long lines of produce in the hot sun all day for a few cents a row. In my case it was ten cents.
If I made more than thirty-five cents a day I was lucky. but that
was in the late 1940s and early fifties. Times were tough all around
and that’s the only kind of job a poor kid like me could find employment.
So when I read that white farmers mess with living conditions of the
Mexicans I know that it is true. Publix should change their policies
regarding these Mexicans. Maybe they think they don’t have to
because these wet-backs are undocumented workers. As far as the
State of Florida is concerned, they don’t exist. Don White

“If there are some atrocities going on, it’s not our business.”

That’s what Publix supermarket spokesperson Dwaine Stevens
said when he was asked about the workers who pick tomatoes
for Publix. Workers who suffer horrifying abuses.
Publix is a Florida-based company, and farmworkers there
have been mistreated for decades. We’ve learned that the workers
in Florida’s tomato fields — the workers who pick tomatoes for
Publix — endure widespread sexual harassment. Poverty-level
wages. Wage theft. Even slavery. 
Here’s an example of the sorts of violations we’re talking about:
In 2008, investigators found more than a dozen people enslaved as
tomato pickers in Florida. They were forced to sleep in box trucks
and shacks, charged for food and showers, denied wages, and beaten
if they tried to leave. Traffickers confiscated their identification
documents, invented debts they could never repay, and hooked them on alcohol to keep them working. 
“If there are some atrocities going on, it’s not our business.”
But it is their business. It’s how they make their profits. And it 
has to stop.
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) has asked Publix to join its
internationally recognized Campaign for Fair Food –– a campaign whose
 partners already include companies like Whole Foods, McDonalds, and
Subway. The goal of the campaign is to prevent serious human rights
abuses precisely like those occurring in Florida’s tomato fields.
Abuses that can only be described as atrocities.
So far, Publix has refused even to engage in conversation with the
CIW, let alone consider joining the Campaign for Fair Food. But the
CIW is taking action –– and can help.
Next week, the CIW will be hosting marches and demonstrations at 
Publix stores in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. And if we can 
get 20,000 signatures on the petition to help Publix tomato pickers 
in time, they’ll deliver those signatures to Publix management as 
part of the big event.
We need to take swift, decisive action to help Florida’s tomato workers.
Because there are atrocities going on. And it is our business.
Click here to tell Publix to join the Campaign for Fair Food to ensure i
ts workers are treated with dignity.
 Thanks for taking action,
– Patrick and the team

>Thank God For Fox News


The tea parties should have taught us to “thank God for Fox News.” They alone care about our economy. The other channels are still caught up in a false messianic dream of “the chosen one.” who can do no wrong.

The problem with this “Messiah” is that he’s a tyrant who carries no inherent healing powers – and when his teleprompter failed recently we realized how limited he really is. He isn’t even a good public speaker, and his only power is taxes. He is limited to building his pyramids of popularity and glory as did the pharaohs of Egypt, on the backs of slaves, and Obama’s whip is the U.S. tax code. Fox covered the tea parties while the other networks pooh-poohed and criticized representatives of the silent majority who want to return to honest, frugal government.

If you peacefully exercise your right to assemble, as about 250,000 did, and rally around principles the country was founded upon, you’re a crazed right wing lunatic, even if you are one of fifty-eight million who disapproved of Obama at the polls.

Many conservatives feel so isolated because of Obama’s failure to keep a campaign promise to be inclusive, some even becoming separatists, feeling so abused and tired of Obama’s socialistic antics that they would solve the problem by creating two nations of one — dividing the country’s people into Red and Blue states, making all left wingers move to blue states and all conservatives go to red states.

The most vocal are calling for secession, a movement that fueled the Civil War 150 years ago.

There has to be a solution that would mollify, if not completely satisfy, all people and save the union. Maybe we could start by requiring Democrats to recognize the existence and value of Republicans and their conservative brethren in a two-party system of government and to have them stop trying to legislate to death the Grand Old Party. The numbers of ways they have done this would be an excellent subject for another article, or a book. But Democrats could start by recognizing that ACORN, which operates on taxpayer funds (Democrats and Republicans alike) does harm to the two-party system by supporting Democrats more than Republicans. No other form of government that I know of has a gimmick like this where everybody pays to support one party over the other.

But getting the Democrats to do that would be as difficult as getting agreement from the Hamas controlled Palestinians, Syria, Iran, and other Arab states that Israel is a free country and should be allowed to exist.