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>Life, Liberty and Nationalizing America


By Don White

To Democrats, “life” as in “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, defined by the Declaration of Independence means everyone is entitled to health care.

But that’s not what it says.

“Life” becomes more important to politicians if it expands government’s role, like providing health insurance. This is a slippery slope because if you can buy someone a mew kidney, you can also command him how to vote, eat, drive, live, and speak.

America’s workforce efficiency and health system are the envy of the world, but we are headed for trouble. Efficiency will be threatened if we begin on that long slippery slope started by passing government health care, something that other countries like Britain and France have done with much regret.

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” said George Santayana.

Health Care and Cap and Trade would require massive amounts of American tax revenues, at a time when there is no new job creation and our treasury is already tapped dry.

Health Care will result in decades of high taxes, resulting in job losses and inability to compete abroad. As New York finds, high taxes mean loss of not only highly paid taxpayers, but of jobs that create tax revenue.

Many Americans believe that health care will be just the beginning. Other industries to be nationalized include farming, computers, railroads and airlines, shipping, mining, oil and gas, all manufacturing, plastics, chemicals, Wall Street, and Main Street.

People who used to come to America to try the American dream will become dismayed. The dream will be shattered. It will no longer be possible to get married, plan a family, build a home, or educate our children without the control of government. They will decide the cars we buy, our clothing, food, insurance, and the extent of our education based on intelligence tests.

Government may even ration health care and allow only the fittest and youngest among us to qualify for life-saving heart operations, liver transplants, and expensive life-saving drugs.

Government will infiltrate every aspect of our lives.

An Orwellian chill comes down my spine. It means thought control and a further rape of our Bill of Rights: eliminating freedom of speech and religion, increased fraud and dishonesty in voting and a stronger ACORN, further erosion of states’ rights and control of technology, farming, mining, land, waterways, recreation, the air we breath, kinds of houses we build, what we eat, even how often we can flush the toilet.

With cap and tax, even athletic contests will be under scrutiny, including baseball and football. Games may be disallowed because of the massive breathing we do and carbons emitted.

America is headed for socialism and the terrible after affects. – ownership of all means of production through bailouts or confiscation. a people so poor that an appeal to Washington will be the only thing left to pay the rent and put food on the table. This government now owns 61 percent of General Motors, 36 percent of CitiBank and 80 percent of AIG.

I ask that all Americans phone and fax their Senators and Representatives. Insist that they vote against Cap and Trade, which the House has already passed, and government health care.

Don’t let them tell you Obama Care will cost less because Medicare costs are less. It’s a lie. Read “Medicare Costs Are Higher, Not Lower Than For Private Insurers”, an article by Robert A. Book, PhD, published by the Heritage Foundation:

“On a per-person basis, Medicare’s administrative costs are actually higher than those of private insurance–this despite the fact that private insurance companies do incur several categories of costs that do not apply to Medicare.”

Tell your congressmen that voting for Obama’s health plan is counter to the will of the people. Liberals want the runaway spending to continue, but a recent Rasmussen poll says liberals comprise only 21 percent of Americans. Tell your representative to either vote against such wasteful bills, or don’t come back to your state because they won’t get re-elected.