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>Even Your House Isn’t Safe — Obama Wants to Nationalize It

>Nothing’s safe in America today — as long as Barak Hussein Obama has his way. Stand up now and oppose socialized medicine. It’s going to happen unless enough people complain, write their congressmen and senators, tell them we don’t need new taxes. Read my new blog on Angst Blogger and vote against Obama’s health plan for you and your kids. No kidding, there still won’t be enough money for this plan, it’s like an alien monster and it will devour America.

America now has the best health care in the world. Yes, there are people in America who have no health care — but there are agencies and medical services available even for these people to receive health care, even if they can’t pay for it.

We have many different private plans we can subscribe to. We can choose the best one for us and our families. All are not the same. See, we don’t have a single payer system in America. . . not yet, but Obama is herding us in that direction even if he says he isn’t. So on all of my blogs I am spearheading a drive to get people to call their congressmen, send emails, letters, and complain about the new proposed VAT tax which is a silent, hidden tax on everything.

VAT means Value Added Tax, but let me assure you, there is no “value added” in any tax. It’s just another way by Obama to make us look like Europe. Don’t allow it. Get Washington off our backs. Obama also is suggesting a new sales tax on drinks of all kinds — even sugar drinks. He knows this country is bankrupt but he wants to jab the knife into all of us one more time, and even twist it going in. Don’t let all this to happen to you, and to your friends and family. Click here and read my blog on Angst Blogger and vote against more taxes.
Don White

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