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>Three Hundred Thousand Somali Children Starving


Somali President Resigns

By MOHAMED OLAD HASSAN, Associated Press Writer Mohamed Olad Hassan, Associated Press Writer
MOGADISHU, Somalia – The president of Somalia’s U.N.-backed government resigned Monday, saying he had lost control of the country to Islamic insurgents and could not fulfill his duties after four years leading the violent and impoverished nation.

Abdullahi Yusuf is the latest leader to have failed to pacify Somalia in two decades of turmoil and deadly violence. Somalia has been beset by anarchy, famine and a steady influx of weapons from abroad. More than a dozen attempts have been made to form an effective government since the last one collapsed in 1991. Meanwhile, the United Nations says more than 300,000 Somali children are malnourished and living in squalor. Read More . . .