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>There Is A Way We Can Stop Pirates – Declare War!

>The problem in Somalia continues following the successful recovery of Captain Phillips by Navy Seals. But the day after Navy snipers shot and killed three hijackers, Somali pirates attacked four other cargo ships.

They shot upon a U.S. ship carrying the American flag which has become a lightning rod for pirates because we changed the way their “game” is played. It used to be that countries like Saudi Arabia and European countries played millions in ransom for the peace of mind that no one would be harmed. We said, “Sorry, pirates, we don’t play that way.”

Now that the situation is ripe for attack, why do we sit on our haunches? Why don’t we, our Democrat Congress and president, declare war on Somalian pirates?

That would circumvent the international conventions that cargo ships can’t be armed. We would then arm all of our cargo ships and when we saw them coming, we’d shoot back. That would be the end of that! Period!

Fewer people would get hijacked. Fewer killed. It’s the wisest plan I’ve had on this so far, so President Obama must consider it as a “progressive” solution.

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