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>NY Daily Times Says Cashman Unhappy, May Leave

>by Don White
To that I say good. I have advocated for a long, long time that Brian Cashman is
over his head here. He has never been anywhere else. he started by selling popcorn
in the concession stand. Not quite that low, but he was a low-level trainee for several
years and finally he got his chance to “run his own team.”

Well, with George Steinbrenner dead, he’s still not running the Yankees and is darned
unhappy about it. He is suffering from low esteem. His pride is hurt because Hal and
Hank Steinbrenner still control him like he was still selling popcorn.

The Daily Times article follows. I provide a link if you want to see the entire story.

Recent events make it seem as if Brian Cashman might walk away from Yanks when his contract expires after this season.


Recent events make it seem as if Brian Cashman might walk away from Yanks when his contract expires after this season.

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>News to Cruise and Snooze

>Associated Press reported that White House economic leaders and Senate Republicans are now singing together; according to the AP, “bellowing” actually over AIG bonuses. Remember, this is the same company taxpayers bailed out to the tune of $170 billion. Did we intend to fatten their paychecks or save a nation?
Politico and the AP: report Bernanke saying recession could end in 2009. The Federal Reserve chairman appeared Sunday in a rare television interview. He could have also said other things, like:
–There is no recession, it’s really a figment of your imagionation foisted on US taxpayers by Obama and Bush.
–The recession will end next week.
–The recession will end when “The Fat Lady Sings.”
–The recession will be over “when it’s over.”
–My private inteligence contact, Yogi Berra, tells me the only recession he know is the “give” in his La-Z-Boy recliner when I put it way back.
–Yogi also says “recession” derives from the word “recede” — like what’s going to happen after the Mississippi floods again when the water goes back into its chanel and out of my basement. Or ” that what happened to Al Gore’s hairline since all this global warning baloney.” Obviously, Al’s worried. What if he’s right and has to give up his palatial home near a waterway, his super large motorhome and the jet airplane?

In this image taken from video and provided by CBS, '60 Minutes' correspondent Scott Pelley, left, interviews Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in Dillon, S.C., Saturday, March 7, 2009. The interview, which airs on Sunday, March 15, is Bernanke's first one on one interview since taking office and the first interview with a sitting Federal Reserve Chairman in 20 years. (AP Photo/CBS)– – Or, Bernanke could have said that America’s recession “probably” will end this year if the government succeeds in bolstering the banking system.

Yogi also says not to listen to Bernanke, that he is, without doubt, the worst Federal Reserve chairman since George Steinbrenner . . . or was it Greenman, “you know, that guy they call Greenie on Mike and Mike in the morning” . . . “or Cspan. I don’t know. But for Bernanke, ‘probably’ is probably a safe word because he has trouble parking his car, let alone knowing where to park taxpayer money.”