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>Has Obama Done An About-Face on Stem Cells?

>First and foremost, Obama is a politician — a realist, not an ideologue. He will live by rules only so long as it benefits him. labels don’t mean much to this kind of man. Some call him a left-wing Democrat, Socialist, Communist, Progressive. All of the above may be true at any given time for Barak Obama, whichever politics suit him at the moment. Most of all he is a pragmatist — “lets not get caught up in how he arrives in San Francisco and who he makes promises to on the way, promises are made by little men and are made to be broken.”

Embryonic Stem Cells: Obama’s First, Official Bi-partisan Move?
Billy Hallowell

Liberals were singing President Obama’s praises last month when he overturned Bush-era restrictions on federal funds for embryonic stem-cell research. Unfortunately for the left, this move has been post ceded with restrictive regulation on how these cells may be used – a relatively welcome game-changer for most conservatives.

While destruction of human life for scientific benefit is surely reprehensible, the newly minted restrictions are paramount in that they represent Obama’s first attempt to remain somewhat neutral on a domestic issue of importance. Keep on reading on Urban Conservative.