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Who’s Going Down With Blagojevich?

by Don White

There have been three Democrat governors put in jail. Will Rod Blagojevech be number four? It’s almost a foregone conclusion.

In the present and past, a Chicago political machine has run things in Illinois. Under the jaundiced eye of Richard Daily, and now his namesake son, both Chicago mayors, the tone of this state is set by big city politics.

Ironically, in 1840 Chicago may have been the second largest city in the state. It was second to Nauvoo, Illinois, located on the Mississippi River, which was inhabited by Mormons who were viciously driven in the middle of winter out of the state by Illinois gunmen. The Mormons suffered greatly in Illinois and on the trail to the Great Basin which was marked with shallow graves of those who died of disease, starvation, icy cold weather, and other privations as they attempted to make it to Zion.

The perpetrators of the injustice done to Mormons were not your ordinary good people — they were mobsters who murdered innocent people, looted their homes and burned their farms, but by no means do they represent the fine law-abiding people living in Illinois today or in that day.

Illinois has a spotted political history. Even the last Republican governor is in jail. What is it about this state, Illinois, the fighting Illini state?

People say it isn’t the people who live in the Illini state, it’s party poilitics and it’s the same everywhere. Maybe the old mayor of Chicago, Richard Daily, started a corrupt party machine, ideas like “it’s the Chicago way,” from which the good people of Illinois can’t escape.

But I beg to differ with people who say the “Chicago Way” is the way it works in every state. It simply is not that way in the other 49. They say their leaders aren’t any worse than citizens in any other state. But if not, why are they leading the “league” in in choosing governors who end up corrupt? And somebody had to become deceived enough to vote for these scum bags.

In a way, I side with Blagojevich. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was wrong. I don’t like the way he got the cart before the horse in this case. Why is it taking so long to bring formal charges against Blagojevich? Why didn’t Fitzgerald build his case before he created all of this hoopla to the media, which is the wrong way to bring criminal charges against anyone?

Wyoming Defense Attorney Gerry Spence agrees: Legal Blog Watch quoted the flamboyant and successful western-attired attorney in a story cited below. The blog said: “Has U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald absconded with Illinois Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich’s presumption of innocence and right to a fair trial? If so, whose conduct — that alleged of Blagojevich or that seen of Fitzgerald — is more abominable? These are questions Carolyn Elefant asked here last month, and now trial lawyer Gerry Spence raises them on this blog in a post entitled, “Guilty Until Proven Innocent.” Never one to mince words, Spence accuses Fitzgerald of acting more like a jury than a prosecutor.”

It would be a travesty of justice if Blagojevich got off because he couldn’t get a fair trial anywhere in America, wouldn’t it? Then you would hear the people howl. If Spence was his counsel, Blago would probably turn around and sue Fitzpatrick and the entire juris prudence system, the state of Illinois, and the Legislature for evicting him from the executive mansion. He may have a valid cause of action, how can we tell? Before you become critical of that statement, just think about it a while? What if the things people are saying about him are true but don’t constitute enough evidence for a conviction? Only Fitzgerald knows. Only a duly constituted jury can decide.

If they convict the former governor, don’t believe for a moment that he will go down alone. He has the goods on a lot of people in Springfield, Illinois and Chicago and he is a vindictive man and a windmill, filibustering, blustering fool of a speaker. He will rat on his best friend if he can take ten years off his jail term.