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>"Big Brother" Is Watching

>By Don White
In this day of crime, terrorism and lawlessness in America, it is not surprising that peace-loving people have reacted with high-tech means of discovering the covert perps. The ways of finding the bad guys have greatly expanded and exploded — whether it be in identifying a stolen vehicle, pinpointing bank robbery suspects, cornering illegal aliens plotting the overthrow of the government, finding and apprehending runaway teenage drug sellers or or those who would kidnap unsuspecting children and young girls — and today police, FBI, and CIA operatives have ways and means of finding whomever is involved.

One of the neatest pieces of hi-tech crime-stopping equipment is found in the following video depicting a plainclothes policeman who has license plate scanners or video recorders and a computer in his car tied to national, state, or Canadian provence networks that can immediately interpret the information of 1,000 license plate numbers per hour that he sends and determine if any of the car licenses his equipment scans belong to a stolen car, bank robbery car, illegal alien terrorist suspect, or whoever. All this while he’s driving down the street, in a busy parking lot, or parked in front of a suspect car or business.

Click onto this, it will amaze you:

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