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>John Perkins: Confessions of An Economic Hit Man

>Should capitalism and democracy be forced on the rest of the world?

If the objective of foreign aid is imperialism, is that so wrong?

Those are questions John Perkins asks in his book Economic Hit Man. chapter 8 entitled, “Jesus Seen Differently.” Off hand, most of us don’t know the answers, but let’s get into it.

Perkins said he kept coming back to the above question. He doubted whether limited resources would allow the whole world to live “the opulent life of the United States, when even the United States had millions of citizens living in poverty.” He said it wasn’t clear to him that people in other nations actually want to live like us.

“Our own statistics about violence, depression, drug abuse, divorce, and crime indicated that although ours was one of the wealthiest societies in history, it may also be one of the least happy societies. Why would we want others to emulate us?”

First, I would tell John Perkins that not all Americans are unhappy. Especially not those who have found Jesus Christ and vow to serve him and help others their entire lives. That has been my happy situation, and the blessing of millions of others like me who call themselves (and act like) true Christians.

I recently printed a story about the church I belong to, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) who continually send out food, medicine and supplies to Hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake victims and those displaced by any number of catastrophes that occur each year in this country and abroad. This is a worldwide church, which aids people in every nation. May I refer you to a story in the blog entitled “Service Around The World.”

Once on this page, click down to titles: “Church Members Contribute To Global Humanitarian Aid” and “Utah Volunteers Working To Help Those Threatened by Ike.” Though these stories feature Utah volunteers, the Mormon Church has members who become volunteers of their service throughout the world.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and Biloxi, Mississippi and those surrounding areas in 2004, for example, a large contingent of volunteers left Orlando Florida in busses and helped muck out and clean storm victims’ mud and water-soaked houses. Volunteers from many other of this church’s dioceses, or wards and stakes as Mormons call them, also came and were directed by a central command to those neighborhoods where help was most needed.

They wore yellow shirts with “Mormon Volunteers” written on it to distinguish themselves from others who were not helpful, but may have been their illegally to loot from damaged homes. When people saw the yellow shirts they felt blessed and safe and knew they would get some badly needed help. These workers worked for two straight days before boarding the bus again to come home to their jobs and families some one thousand miles away. Many other instances of that occurred throughout the church, which is one of the best organized churchs in the world, especially when disaster strikes.