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>Conservatives Protest Health Care Plan


Henry Lamb column
Hey Nancy, their anger is real!

Henry Lamb
Henry Lamb
August 16, 2009
If Nancy Pelosi really believes that the anger displayed at town hall meetings is manufactured by “Astroturf” Republican groups, she is either stupid or totally disconnected from the real world. Democrats appear to be shocked by the intensity and the volume of the opposition they have encountered to the health care bill that awaits their return from August vacation.

Of course, Obama knew that there would be opposition; that’s why he insisted that both the House and the Senate get a bill passed before the recess. Had both houses passed a bill, then all this opposition would not matter. The two bills could be reconciled in September, in secret, and passed into law without having to suffer the indignities of actually listening to the people.

Voters really need to study the difference between the Democrats in campaigns, and the Democrats-in- charge. During the campaign, the Democrats promised the most transparent, honest administration ever. Democrats-in-charge, however, demonstrate just the opposite. Obama promised that no bill would become law before it had been displayed on the Internet for five days, so people could register their opinions. What a laugh! The 1000-page stimulus bill was passed just a few hours after it rolled off the press. No congressman could have read it.

The people who are showing up at these town hall meetings are angry because the stimulus=2 0bill was shoved down their throats. They are angry because Speaker Nancy Pelosi forced the Waxman-Markey “Cap and Trade” bill through the House with a two-vote margin, with no attempt at honest debate or citizen input. They are angry because they now see the Democrat leadership trying to force what they perceive to be a government take-over of the nation’s health care.

Nancy Pelosi demonstrates her hypocrisy when she hurls the “un-American ” bomb at health care opponents, but remains silent when the students at Columbia University shout-down a speaker from the Minutemen, or says nothing about the organized shout-down of Rep. Tancredo at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill.

Nancy Pelosi demonstrates her ignorance of grassroots organizations when she calls opposition to the Democrat agenda the work of “Astroturf” groups. Astroturf is the correct term when applied to groups that are paid to produce a group of protesters at an event (rent a riot). ACORN is the best current example of this type of Astroturf.

Another example of Astroturf is the appearance of a non-existent group that is created by a public relations initiative. Obama’s chief advisor, David Axelrod, specializes in this activity.

Grassroots, on the other hand, are=2 0people who join real organizations to work collectively to advance an agenda or to block someone else’s agenda. These are the people who showed up at the April 15th, and July 4th Tea Parties all across the nation. These are the people who are clamoring to get into town hall meetings with their Congressmen. By the time Congress reconvenes in September, most Congressmen will know the difference between grassroots and Astroturf. Nancy Pelosi and the upper-echelon of Democrat leadership can’t be bothered to learn the difference by actually listening to the people.

Americans who got caught up in the Obama miracle and rushed to vote in the first black President ignored the signs which suggested that he might bring with him a socialist agenda. Now that his socialist agenda has been unmistakably exposed, some of Obama’s supporters are becoming the questioners at town meetings.

Neither Republicans nor Independents oppose improving the nation’s health care. Republicans and Independents, however, seem to realize that much of the problem with health care is government’s involvement in it. To improve the nation’s health care would involve getting government out of it — rather than turning more of it over to the government.

The people who are attending these town meetings are angry about government getting into more and more facets of daily life. They are angry about government bailing out the banking industry, and now exercising control over the management. They are angry about government bail ing out the auto industry, and now exercising control over the naming of GM’s CEO and selecting members of the board.

The people who are attending these town hall meetings are angry about the threat of government taking control of virtually every facet of the private affairs of individual citizens. The National Animal Identification System seeks to identify every owner of a livestock animal, electronically tag and trace the movement of every animal, and impose heavy fines on people who fail to comply. The Food Safety Enhancement Act (HR2749) wants to do the same with all food producers.

Publisher Note: My father-in-law, Carolyn’s father, would turn over in his grave if he heard about this travesty of justice. He was a cattle rancher and abhorred the things Obama is stuffing down our throats. Don White, Windermere, FL

The House-approved Cap and Trade bill (HR2454) gives government control over the use of energy.

This government takeover is making freedom-loving people angry. It is real, not Astroturf-manufactured anger.

The anger displayed at these town hall meetings is nothing compared to the anger that will show up at the ballot box next year, if the Democrat leadership continues to ignore, or arrogantly ridicule the voice of the people.

Henry Lamb is the author of “The Rise of Global Governance,” Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.