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>Home Macines Offer Great Aerobic Exercise


Popular Aerobics Machines

By Don White
When exercising, protect yourself. Take care not to injure brittle bones, legs and feet.
That warning may sound juvenile until you consider how many people are injured when running outside. The dangers are real. If it’s not a car or a truck, it’s a pothole or just twisting a foot on a rock that sidelines joggers for weeks.

The best aerobic exercise for many people is done on a machine rather than actually running or jumping rope. Remember, like every part of a healthy workout routine, aerobics are exercises that have to be tailored to your body and what is best for your health.

Talk to your doctor or personal trainer and develop an exercise regimen that works for you. Make sure that whatever you are doing it is the best for your body and your mind as well.


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Machine workouts are very popular. They are often much easier to work up to a high level of fitness than in front of television workout shows. You don’t have to worry about running outside when it is cold. Time is never an issue. Just jump on the machine for the time you have and come back to it later.
The point of aerobic workout is that you are getting your heart rate up and sweating to round into shape. You can do this on a machine as well as running or jumping rope.

There are several different machines that you might try. The two easiest and most popular are tread mills and bikes. You can get a great work out on both of these. Personally, I prefer a glider machine called the Gazelle. There is no pounding of joints, and stretching can be held to a minimum and broadened at will.

The point of an aerobic work out is to get your heart rate going, so if you are riding a bike or walking or running on a treadmill, you can maximize your aerobic exercise and go at your pace.

Machines are handy. That’s why people like them. Riding an exercise bike can be something that you do in your living room or bedroom no matter what time of day or temperature. I like my Gazelle because I can catch the morning news while I sweat. Ditto for treadmills. You can get all of the exercise you need while you are at home.

You’ll see benefits of an exercise machine workout right away. It can be the safest and best way to exercise 24/7 during good weather and bad, leading to a much healthier you!