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>At Death Each Spirit Enters The Spirit World


By Wilford Woodruff

At death each spirit enters the Spirit World,
where the righteous rejoice together and
continue in the Lord’s work.
A great many people believe when a man dies that is the end of him, that there is no hereafter. Can any sensible man believe that the God of heaven has created two or three hundred thousand million spirits, and given them tabernacles [physical bodies], mere to come and live upon the earth and then to pass away into oblivion or to be annihilated? It seems to me that no reflecting man can entertain such belief. It is contrary to common sense and to serious reflection. 10

When mourning the loss of our departed friends, I cannot help but think that in every death there is a birth; the spirit leaves the body dead to us, and passes to the other side of the veil alive to that great and noble company that are also working for the accomplishment of the purposes of God, in the redemption and salvation of a fllen world. 11

There is rejoicing when the spirit of a Saint of the Living God enters into the spirit world and meets with the Saints who have gone before. 12
Some labor this side of the veil, others on the other side of the veil. If we tarry here we expect to labor in the cause of salvation, and if we go hence we expect to continue our work until the coming of the Son of Man. 13

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