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>Wake Up World — Pay Attention To Real Trouble!

>While President Obama daily dazzles us with his constant news releases, comings and goings on and off Airforce One, a new black and white English Water Dog, spectacular new designer clothes for Michelle Obama, more spending plans, more debt piled up, and still the job isn’t done, the world we once knew is crumbling around us.

Wake up you 62 million sleeping Democrats who voted for this maniac big spender. He’s spending this country into permanent bankruptcy and he doesn’t even seem to notice, and, sadly, neither do you!

Someone should investigate — does he want to do us in here in America then move to Kenja, the beloved country of his birth? I think so. At least all evidence would substantiate that premise. Bush spent $15 Billion to stop AIDS in Africa. Look for Obama to spend a like amount to build up countries like Kenja.

He will never retire in the “Arrogant” land of the free, because it won’t be there in four years the rate he is going with his fascist progressive programs. And I don’t mean “progressive” in a good way, either. Progressives are hoodlums in my mind. That includes Republicans like Teddy Roosevelt and Democrats like JFK, FDR, and especially my grandmother’s cousin Woodrow Wilson, who started us off (along with Teddy Roosevelt) along the “progressive” road to dismantling America’s rights and freedoms. We didn’t have an income tax until the twentieth century, neither did we have massive national debt and government takeover of businesses. To someone from Mars, we look no different than Communist Russia. I was a Democrat when I was young. Then I became a Republican. Now I’m a Conservative and a Patriot. That tells you a lot about the other parties.

Here are some of the forgotten pieces of business no one is solving or paying much attention to:

  • Outrageous! North Korea fires a long-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon deliberately on the day the President is giving a big speech on nuclear disarmament, and the civilized world wrings it hands and talks about legal conventions.
  • Dangerous! The Iranian dictatorship cheerfully announces that is has 7,300 centrifuges to make nuclear bombs and nothing happens.
  • Incindiary! Hamas fires a few more missiles into Israel and everyone ignores it.
  • Horrendous! Pakistan transfers power to the Taliban in its North West Frontier and the world stands idly by. This has already occurred, folks. Most of us — the 62 million who voted for Obama — have fallen asleep.
  • Nearby! There’s a Mexican drug war going on that barely makes the newspapers.
  • Disgraceful! And as Rich Galen points out, there are still approximately 260 hostages being held by Somali pirates. Two more ships were seized Tuesday. But you never hear about them because they’re not Americans.