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>Is Obama a Coward? Why Won’t He Help Iran?

>When 1.5 million Iranians are rioting in the streets of Tehran, what’s the matter with Barak Obama?

“Now’s the time to use your bully pulpit, man!”

Obama is gifted an excellent chance to change a regime without any military action and yet he won’t. He’s frozen to his seat in front of the television, wondering what to do.

Obama was like this when Russia invaded Georgia. John McCain immediately condemned Russia, while Obama said little. Oh, yes, he said “Both sides need to show restraint.” Restraint, when Medvedev’s and Putin’s massive armies wiped out 200,000 innocent civilians in a neighboring foreign country?

The Ruski’s had staged the whole event. They had their armies poised at the border to go in if the Georgian president tried to put down a staged uprising of Russians living in north Georgia. It was a farce, and for the first time in a modern era we saw the ruthfulness of the new scaled back revanchist Russia against a helpless neighbor.

Now we’re seeing the ruthfulness of the Mullahs who have given the incumbent power (despite calling for a recount of the vote. It will be phonied up, you can count on that.), Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who knows he did not win the election.