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>The Master Flip-Flopper At Work

>Obama Voters Protest His Switch on Telecom Immunity

WASHINGTON — Senator Barack Obama’s has done it again. He has become a master at this–he has done another flip-flop, deciding to to support legislation granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that cooperated with the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants. But this time he was stopped in his tracks with an intense backlash among some of his most ardent supporters.

Doesn’t Obama ever listen (or think) before he leaps?

Thousands of his supporters are now using the same grass-roots organizing tools previously mastered by the Obama campaign to organize a protest against his decision. In recent days, more than 7,000 Obama supporters have organized on a social networking site on Mr. Obama’s own campaign Web site. They are calling on Mr. Obama to reverse his decision to endorse legislation supported by President Bush to expand the government’s domestic spying powers while also providing legal protection to the telecommunication companies that worked with the National Security Agency’s domestic wiretapping program after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Let’s see if Obama “flips” backward on this when confronted with an army of his own supporters against his idea.