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>Obama Doing A Good Job? I Don’t Think So.

>Don’t attach too much credibility to the fact that the ultra-liberal New York Times got 63 percent of eleven hundred people to say Barak Obama was doing a good job.
The survey was by telephone during the day — most of it — last Wednesday when most Republicans intended for the poll were at work and not available. The Democrats, especially those laid off from Detroit and other manufacturing jobs were at home and that skewd the results. Of course they’re going to say their standard bearer was just fine.

Don’t believe this ultra liberal poll. Telephone pollsters lie.Sometimes they don’t even write down the same information they take, depending on their political persuasion.

Pollsters don’t care — they just want to get over with it.

Frankly, I think Americans are fed up over the lousy job Obama is doing. I could list ten major mistakes he’s made:

  • The poor job of vetting Commerce Secretaries. He’s named three or four already.
  • Look at all those appointees who had to drop out because someone found out they hadn’t paid their taxes. Tom Daschle for one. He owed $140,000. Look at Tim Gahtner, also. He owed taxes but was too proud to quit, though.
  • Obama’s administration is anything but open. He shut out the public on his big bailout bill that passed recently. He didn’t even give lawmakers time to read it before voting — or was that Nancy Pelosi’s fault. She just had to hold a vote before she left for the palace ceremony in London. They were going to name her a queenie or dutches or some such thing. Those limeys are always trying to rain on our parade.
  • Obama’s credibility is way down. He tells one side one thing, and another another thing. He loves the Jews. He loves Hamas more. He’s giving them $900 million to rebuild Gaza. And no one has ever voted on that one.
  • He tells the Pope he’s against abortion, but not really. He’s an abortion man from way back and even wrote about that fact in college.
  • He’s supposed to have a 140 IQ but he still gives money to save GM and Chrysler when he knows they’re beyond salvage.
  • Obama was going to take Sean Hanity’s (and others’) radio license away, but now he’s changed his mind. This is an issue — the “Fairness Doctrine” where if you have a conservative talk show you have to sponsor a liberal one — that will rise up to haunt independent radio station owners. If the liberals can’t justify their own shows, why should they be allowed to ride on the backs of popular conservative shows? Beware — Obama will flip on this, you’ll see.
  • Obama says he will cut military ops in the Middle East. But wasn’t that him that just sent 17,000 soldiers to Afghanistan? And I thought he said the “surge” was a big mistake and didn’t work. Now he’s got his own private “surge” going.
  • Gun laws are big in his sites. Watch out NRA and local gun owners. He will take guns away from us and weaken our terrorist defenses.
  • He now says he will weigh in heavily on issuing illegal alliens citizenship.
  • When Social Security and health care are in shambles, now’s not the time to bring on 12,000 new plan particpants — people who have never paid a dime into the programs.
  • Telling that Arab reporter America has made many mistakes in foreign policy that he wants to right. It’s so bad, Iran has asked America for an apology for delaying their nuke development in the UN and elsewhere.
  • Every time Obama opens his mouth he puts his foot in it or ends up doing what he says he’s not going to do. Makes him look weak — and like a lier, which is true, isn’t it? We all know he’s doing OJT, we all understand that. But how long will it take him to get up to speed?
  • He made the recession worse by failing to be optimistic. He should know by now that half of the problem is public perception. People won’t go out and buy things because he keeps saying how bad it is. He doesn’t smile and bolster the people with optimism like FDR and JFK. Definitely, not a good leader.