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>Gaithner and US Dollar Laughed At In China

>You can’t lie to the Chinese. You shouldn’t even try to make red look like black. But that is what Treasury Secretary Timoth Gaithner tried to do with the Chinese over the strength of our US dollar. They laughed him off the stage. Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you can’t go to your major creditor and outright try to spoof them over how strong you are. Gaithner was engaged in a little Obama-like puffing, or should we call it spoofing, and one Chinese started laughing at him. Soon it was the entire audience lauging at this Obama front man. Soon I predict when Obama goes to a place he expects money and investment from, he, too, will get laughed off the stage and he won’t be so prideful as he was in Egypt this past week when the Muslims listened intently because never once did they hear the word “terrorist.”  You can read the entire story and watch the video on Don White Portfolio.