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>We Visualized Our Bodies


Donald White
Imagine there was a pre-earth prep school called Spirit World.
It isn’t hard to believe SW 101 was all about visualizing and understanding the body. No one in our class had a physical body, but many of us greatly anticipated wearing one of those strange shrouds on earth.

What kind of ethereal experience would life be like without a body?
That was the whole point, wasn’t it? In the spirit world we went to class on bodies, scriptures, Gods, and eternal life.It was so theoretical, how do you remember any of it?

It was hard to relate to study about this palpable, flexible protoplasm stuff.
It excited us while boring us because we were diaphanous. No pardons needed—we were spirits who could walk right through each other.
From that orientation nothing they said about earth life made sense.
That was because we were children, wide-eyed kids two days before Christmas or on the family’s first Disney trip.

I compare trying to imagine sex. To us it was not erotic or exciting, but a
technical process like when the teacher taught us how we would walk or eat.
They offered flash images of how we’d use our bodies.One use was to procreate, to have sex with another body and have kids. That’s when they completely lost me. We had only a vague notion of what it would be like but were told it would be at once threatening and attractive.

All of this was dry and confusing—how could anyone relate? Too many expectations were bad; weren’t we were antsy enough already?
“Tell them little—avoid setting them afire into spiritual convulsion.”
Excessive candy and rum sour the tum-tum.

Then we came to earth and waited, and suddenly the pearl burst upon us—
sexual urge and paroxysm so impelling—not at all like what our spirits were taught. A moment before we had only a vague notion of what it would be like.
Just like now—there are worlds beyond and eternal joy, but we have no idea…