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>Racy New Tom Perkins Novel


Sex and the Single Zillionaire: My Best Christmas Gift of 2008

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Tom Perkins’ Smashingly Racy Book

My best Christmas present of 2008 was a book called Sex And the Single Zillionaire, a novel by Tom Perkins, which I quickly read and reviewed.

Have you visited Bermuda, viewed the glitter of Manhattan from a forty-seventh floor penthouse, starred in a reality show, sailed a 197-foot yacht, flown a private Gulfstream jet, or felt the seductive breath of professional models anxious to bed you. You may feel all of it as you read Tom Perkins’

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2006 HarperCollins book, Sex and the Single Zillionaire, told through the trained eyes of a man Newsweek calls “a titan of American Business.”

Steven Hudson is the reason I enjoyed this book, because of his warmth and honesty. His strong, reasoned, intellect and character ring clear and true. Why? Because author Tom Perkins is protagonist Steven Hudson, the sophisticated, entirely reasonable industry leader who built an investment banking empire, losing wife Yvonne to cancer, a middle-aged man in no hurry to re-marry.

A smart and sexy woman named Jessica James, reality show producer, starts at the top of her leading man -eligible bachelor list, sending Steven an invitation to be filmed dating some of America’s most beautiful and talented single women on reality show Trophy Wife. Author Perkins participated in a show just like this, germinating the idea for this first novel.

Jesse — equally stunning in casual clothes, bikini, or low-cut, red satin evening gown — is nowhere near sixty, but possesses the smooth demeanor and savoir faire of a woman Mr. Hudson wants to know, so he plays along with her, entertaining a half dozen girls — including the smart and beautiful Lynne, his best prospect; but there is a hidden defect — too much interest in his money, but her good looks and charm are not lost on Steven’s son Hank who takes up where his father left off. Each contestant is a knockout, but not the mature, steady, intelligent woman Steven remembers in his wife Yvonne.