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>The True Americans Are Indians

> Indian War Party
Indians, the name commonly applied to the people found by Columbus in America; by many authorities believed to have been the original native inhabitants. The politically correct term today is “Native American”. Given that this site is based on extensive original historical documentation, we use the term “Indian” as a standard. This terminology is not meant to be disrespectful, but simply is the term that has been used in most of the historical documents which we present on this site.

These original Americans once inhabited the present United States from Coast to Coast. In manners, customs, and general features the difference between the Indians of the Gulf States and those of the shores of the Northern Lakes is scarcely perceptible; it is only by languages that they can be grouped into great families. East of the Mississippi there were not more than eight radically distinct languages, four of which are still in existence, while the others have disappeared.

Believing the earth to be a globe, Columbus expected to find India or Eastern Asia by sailing westward from Spain. The first land discovered by him—one of the Bahama Islands—he supposed to be a part of India, and he called the inhabitants Indians. This name was afterwards applied to all the nations of the adjacent islands and the continent.