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>Ever Wondered Why No Looting After the Earthquake In Japan?


There was an article in the US World Report regarding the orderly behavior of the Japanese citizens and the absence of looting after the earthquake and the nuclear nightmare. Social scientists are baffled by the total non-existence of looting and savage behavior in Japan considering the magnitude of this catastrophe. They conferred with human study organizations as well as sociology experts throughout the United States . Finally, after days and days of studies and meetings, they came to a conclusion. 

There are no DEMOCRATS in Japan . 

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>Latest News From Japan


Water cannons, choppers to douse spent fuel rods at 

Fukushima plant

Water cannon trucks were moved into position Thursday morning
in an attempt to cool a spent fuel rod pool in…

Foreign Ministry steps up efforts to release quake 

info in English

The Foreign Ministry has stepped up efforts to disseminate information
related to last Friday’s powerful earthquake to other countries, amid…

HULT International Business School

Police warn of bogus e-mails, phone calls seeking 

earthquake donations

Police and the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan said
Thursday that bogus e-mails and telephone calls from groups claiming t
o be collecting donations for…

U.S., Britain issue new alerts for nationals in areas 

north of Tokyo

The U.S. Embassy in Japan has asked American citizens living
within an 80-kilometer radius of the quake-hit Fukushima No. 1
nuclear plant in Japan to…

All gone

All gone

A woman walks past debris in Rikuzentakata, Iwate Prefecture,
on Wednesday.

Bahrain locks down kingdom as uprising surges

Soldiers and riot police in Bahrain overran a protesters’ camp,
imposed a 12-hour curfew and choked off movement nationwide
Wednesday. Witnesses described helicopters firing on…

116 nations, regions offer help to quake-hit Japan

A total of 116 countries and regions, and 28 international organizations
had offered assistance to Japan by Wednesday evening to deal
with the aftermath of…

Volunteers translate quake manual into 31 languages 

for non-Japanese

An emergency online earthquake manual has been translated into 31 l
anguages as of Wednesday afternoon by Japanese volunteers to
support non-Japanese living in Japan in…

Japanese, foreign firms pledge donations to people 

afflicted by quake

A growing number of Japanese and foreign companies offered
donations Wednesday to help people afflicted by last Friday’s
earthquake and tsunami that ravaged a wide…

Seibu Lions say foreign players can’t leave Japan

Some of the Seibu Lions’ foreign players are asking for temporary
leave from Japan amid concern about the safety of nuclear power plants in the…

Quake devastates companies’ supply routes

The disaster in Japan has exposed a problem with how multinational
companies do business: The system they use to keep supplies
rolling in is lean…

Apple postpones launch of iPad 2 in Japan

Apple Inc. said Tuesday it has decided to postpone its planned
 launch in Japan of a new version of its popular iPad tablet computer in…

Oil is very important to the existence of our country. Without oil and gas we
could not drive our cars, heat our homes, and have the many synthetic plastic
products that are derivatives of oil. Viva la Oil! But that doesn’t mean we
shouldn’t develop what a famous scientist a hundred years ago hit on – Tesla.
He was working on cord-less electricity that could light and heat our homes.
If America were smart, it would put a chunk of taxpayer money down on such a project.