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>Thank God For Fox News


The tea parties should have taught us to “thank God for Fox News.” They alone care about our economy. The other channels are still caught up in a false messianic dream of “the chosen one.” who can do no wrong.

The problem with this “Messiah” is that he’s a tyrant who carries no inherent healing powers – and when his teleprompter failed recently we realized how limited he really is. He isn’t even a good public speaker, and his only power is taxes. He is limited to building his pyramids of popularity and glory as did the pharaohs of Egypt, on the backs of slaves, and Obama’s whip is the U.S. tax code. Fox covered the tea parties while the other networks pooh-poohed and criticized representatives of the silent majority who want to return to honest, frugal government.

If you peacefully exercise your right to assemble, as about 250,000 did, and rally around principles the country was founded upon, you’re a crazed right wing lunatic, even if you are one of fifty-eight million who disapproved of Obama at the polls.

Many conservatives feel so isolated because of Obama’s failure to keep a campaign promise to be inclusive, some even becoming separatists, feeling so abused and tired of Obama’s socialistic antics that they would solve the problem by creating two nations of one — dividing the country’s people into Red and Blue states, making all left wingers move to blue states and all conservatives go to red states.

The most vocal are calling for secession, a movement that fueled the Civil War 150 years ago.

There has to be a solution that would mollify, if not completely satisfy, all people and save the union. Maybe we could start by requiring Democrats to recognize the existence and value of Republicans and their conservative brethren in a two-party system of government and to have them stop trying to legislate to death the Grand Old Party. The numbers of ways they have done this would be an excellent subject for another article, or a book. But Democrats could start by recognizing that ACORN, which operates on taxpayer funds (Democrats and Republicans alike) does harm to the two-party system by supporting Democrats more than Republicans. No other form of government that I know of has a gimmick like this where everybody pays to support one party over the other.

But getting the Democrats to do that would be as difficult as getting agreement from the Hamas controlled Palestinians, Syria, Iran, and other Arab states that Israel is a free country and should be allowed to exist.