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>Blow The Lid Off What Obama Will Do

>November 6, 2008
Here are two articles that tell what Obama has said, the best indicator of what he will do. Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, said today that we don’t have enough money to do all the wiz-bang things Obama has in mind for us–not until the economy recovers. But the first thing they will do is take the lid off stem cell research.
I quote Russian General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, Perestroika, New Thinking for our country and the World:

“Once, they say, order has been restored then we shall advance to a market economy, democracy and all sorts of liberties. This point of view is gaining in popularity because the people are tired and worn out by the lack of order in life, the shortages, the uncertainty, and long just to be able to take a breather and would not object if someone turned up to put things in order from above.” (pages 98,99)

Is Obama Communist Or Populist?

Either Way, He’s Dangerous For America

by Don White

(617 words)

Get a copy of The August Coup by Mikhail Gorbachev: He talks about the danger of populists, which Obama has become, that is a member of a political party claiming to represent the common people (Democrats).

Speaking of Russia and the leftists and neo-Stalinist persuasion plaguing Peristroika in the 1990s Gorbachev said:

Doesn’t that sound like Louis Faarakhan’s description of Barak Obama? In fact, Faarakhan calls Obama “the Messiah.”

There’s more from Gorbachev:

“Quite a lot of people might be ready to respond to that kind of appeal.

“That is the soil that populism grows in. It is eagerly fertilized by would-be dictators and the apologists for Stalinism. Some of the media working on their behalf encourages this narrow-minded nostalgia for the period of stagnation when there was allegedly everything needed for daily life, not much and not the best but it was there; and as for freedom and democracy, who wants it when we’ve got poverty and unemployment looming? Praise for Pinochet and Franco is being offered up in earnest and publicly: just a few short years of real dictatorship, they say, and then there will be the market and democracy and prosperity and full stomachs.

The disease of populism has infected even many of the new democrats, including those who are sincere in their convictions. They too accuse the President of inconsistency, of indecision, of being too soft, and insist that ‘measures must be taken’. But when the President proposes some really decisive measures for stabilizing the economy and improving our finances, the populists on the political platforms and in the corridors of power, in the towns and the republics, shy away in fright at the possibility of discontent in the population and warn of the danger of social unrest. But many of them are involved in politics and know the real possibilities and the actual state of affairs; they ought to understand that if we do not now take a number of drastic and unpopular measures aimed at achieving stabilization, then from1 January we shall have to raise prices again by two or three times. And inflation will enter a new and even more dangerous round that will condemn the country’s economy to even greater disorganization.”

Gorbachev then called for making constitutional law changes to put teeth into his programs:

”After all, in our country everything was always decided ultimately by the use of force. Political life was conducted on this basis: if you are my opponent and I am in power you must at the very least be sent to prison. But now we have recognized the legitimacy of pluralism in the economy, in politics and in the whole of public life.”

Like Putin and his henchmen are studying legal ways to remove Georgia’s president Mikheil Saahkashvili for his part in invading two rebel Georgian territorys, Abkhasia and Ossetia, Obama has promised a George Bush witch hunt if he is elected. He has promised that at American taxpayer expense he would have his attorney general study the law and see if he has grounds to prosecute Bush for war crimes and ultimately put down Bush and the entire Republican party that supported him. Like it or not, that’s what the socialist, communist, Messiah Barak Obama is about.

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Second Article: 827 words

Obama: Another Putin?

Russia’s Peristroika and Revanchism

by Don White

I’m a prodigious reader, enjoying more than 100 books a year, I have a dozen books I’m reading

simultaneously at all times.Two were about Russian General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, The August Coup, The Truth and the Lessons, and Perestroika, New Thinking For Our Country and the World. A third was Russian Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze’s wonderful book, The Future Belongs to Freedom.

In each I soaked up the personalities and character of these fine men and feel I know them as well as some men I have rubbed shoulders with for years. I learned much about how they turned the tide of Soviet central control government, creating a revolution that constituted real changes in attitudes, ideas, and practice, a new wave of thought that radically altered both domestic and foreign policy. Something had to be done—the Soviet Union economy was stagnant and the country was suffering from lack of growth and prosperity. Naturally they would look to the West for ideas on how to implement a capitalistic free enterprise economy in a country where Communism almost became a dirty word and that had divested itself of surrounding states in 1991, including the Balkans and the Caucasus states that are in the region of SE Europe between the Black & Caspian seas, divided by Caucasus Mountains such as Georgia and Ukraine.

But that was before the revanchist Vladimir Putin took power and began making moves to reclaim these nations, those he calls his “near abroad.” He has already reclaimed part of Georgia, two territories known as Ossetia and Abkasia and no one seems to be doing anything to reverse this brazen move.

Perestroika is a Russian word meaning restructuring. It took place despite resistance from hard line Communists who created “The August Coup.” It also is a policy of economic and governmental reform instituted by Mikhail Gorbachev and others in the Soviet Union during the mid-1980s. Gorbachev and Shevardnadze are courageous men. If you knew them, you would immediately like them. Gorbachev won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1990 and runs an international consulting firm, living and teaching in the U.S.

Russia rose from the depths of implosion thanks to the work and example of men like Boris Yeltsin, Shevardnadze, Gorbachev and, yes, indirectly, even men of different nationalities like Martti Ahtisaari,
tenth President of Finland and 2008 Nobel Peace Prize winner, George W. H. Bush, Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy, and the great Lech Walessa of Poland who won a peace prize in 1983. However, Russia’s current leader, Vladamir Putin, has slowly taken back some of the basic freedoms Russians enjoyed under Perestroika–especially in the private enterprise realm. People can still “own” stocks and businesses, but it is tightly controlled by the central government. For example, Putin nationalized oil, which he sees as his power point in enforcing European compliance when he takes back another country. It is hard to call Russia anything but a Capitalistic Communist nation today, similar to China.

Underscoring this truth are Putin’s recent foyer into South American politics with his arms deals and joint military maneuvers with Venezuelan Communist leader Hugo Chavez and his ties to Cuban dictators Raul and Fidel Castro.

Does Barak Obama know how to stop him? Does he care? The answer is a clear “NO.” He hasn’t the slightest idea of what to do, and and after January 20th when he becomes president he will go into a four-year training period. We pray to God he doesn’t try to emulate Putin as a way of bringing about his own “restructuring” which he has promised—“spreading the wealth around.” Does that sound like Communism? Where I come from we give freely to poor people directly and through polities, but we choose the times and amounts according to what we can afford. Obama wants government to make those choices for you.

It would be ironic and sad that even as Russia moved away from communism, America, the finest example of free enterprise in the world, would now choose to go to a form of communism under this incredibly naive and unaware young man named Barak Obama. Why were Americans so vain or vapid to vote for this kind of a leader, one who defies everything both Republicans and Democrats of the past believed in? Heaven forbid! Or is it the electorate that is naive?

Now Putin uses oil as a tool to bring repression on neighboring countries like Ukraine and Georgia. His master plan is to gain back the Baltic and Caucasus states Russia lost in 1991. And beyond that, I believe Putin may have designs on taking more countries. If I lived in any of his “near abroad” nations such as Finland, Latvia, or Estonia, I would be leery, even afraid, of having him around doing Hitler-like mischief. He is evil personified. Without a John McCain in the White House, he will be even more emboldened in his aggressive, acquisitive ways and who in the Obama administration will stop him?

Don White