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>Dick Morris’ Recipe For Ending The Conflict in Georgia Quickly

>August 11, 2008
Orlando–Just four days ago, on August 8, 2008–the day the Olympic Games began in Beijing–Russia invaded Georgia. Tonight, Georgian officials report the Russians have sliced through the country with its tanks, air power and ships at sea and have blockaded this tiny country, cutting it in half.

On Sunday, Ukraine warned Russia it could bar Russian navy ships from returning to their base in the Crimea because of their deployment to Geargia’s coast.

Georgian man, and others, protest before Russian embassy in Tbilisi while
we in the United States sit idly by holding our hands. President Bush has warned Russia of dire consequences if Russia does not withdraw immediately–that their invasions are not only illegal but barbarak, if not unpresidented, hearking back to Hitler’s invasion of Poland in October, 1937. At that time America and the entire free west did nothing. Here again, we do nothing except talk. “Send for the UN or NATO to sort it out. Work with the European Union. Don’t use force to stop force, and so on.”

It’s the same old sorry story. But tonight Dick Morris on the Shawn Hannity TV Show, Hannity and Colmes, had the answer, perhaps the only way the U.S. can get Putin to pull back his forces immediately, short of starting World War III and dropping atomic bombs. It is to tell Putin that either he withdraws back into his own country immediately or the U.S. on Tuesday will sponsor and assure the inclusion of Ukraine in NATO–something Russia dreads happening.

Morris suggested we could assure Putin that as long as he withdraws immediately–not tomorrow or in two weeks, but today–and makes no more moves to recapture the lost, now independent, countries encircling Russia, that we will promise never to include Ukraine in NATO.
Will it work? I don’t know, but Mr. Bush, it’s worth a try. Action speaks louder than words. And the sooner the better! Meaning now! Early on Obama told both sides to use “restraint,” while McCain accurately predicted that this was an all-out invasion and we should resist it. Typical appeasment attitude of the Obama man.