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>Shocking Pressure Unions Have Over Obama

>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

February 22, 2011
On Today’s Program

The world is changing. Darkness is growing

On radio this morning, Glenn talked about his meeting with spiritual leader Rev. Billy Graham. What did Glenn take away from the meeting? Why does he say that despite the tough times across the world that “the shadows can only grow darker as the sun grows lighter”? Glenn gave his reaction to the meeting on radio this morning. Get all the details at

Shocking Union influence over President Obama

MSNBC reports that President Obama is no longer meeting with his cabinet members and is instead seeking presidential council elsewhere. Who had his ear? Union boss Richard Trumka said, “I am at the White House a couple of times a week…two, three times a week.” What does Glenn think about this unprecedented access that unions have to the Obama administration? How does this all tie into “top down, bottom up” insurrection that Glenn has been warning about? Hear Glenn give his response on radio this morning HERE.

New episode of “The 7…Live” tomorrow at 2pm: Ron Usner will be back in our NYC studio tomorrow to talk about his ongoing journey using the 7 Wonders with Dr. Ablow. Ron is the 26 year old recovering heroin addict who joined us a few weeks ago to share his story. He came on the show with his parents to discuss the 10 year addiction that has impacted the entire family. It’s raw, unscripted and totally FREE.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 2 pm EST for the new episode and you can watch past episodes HERE

>Union Thugs Threaten To Hijack American Freedom In Wisconsin, Tennessee, Idaho… Ohio…. Where Will It Stop?

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Published on on February 18, 2011

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Democracy is on the line in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin.  Will the popularly elected state legislature and governor (both now Republican for the first time in forever) get to run the state or will the union thugocracy, now crowding the streets, prevail?
The spectacle of Democratic legislators hiding out in the woods to avoid creating a quorum in their legislatures illustrates, more profoundly than anything else ever could, the extent to which we have lost control of our destiny and government to the public employee unions.
The teachers unions, the Service Employees, and AFSME have hijacked state government and are now holding them for ransom.
We are all citizens of Wisconsin now!  Our freedom is on the line.  
At last some real leaders are emerging within the Republican Party – the newly elected governors!  Governors Chris Christie (NJ), Mitch Daniels (Ind), Scott Walker (Wisc) John Kasich (Ohio), Jim Corbett (Pa), Jan Brewer (Ariz), and Butch Otter (Idaho) are showing America how it is done.
The union mobs have taken to the streets in Wisconsin to protest hotly against having to pay 12.6% of their health insurance (the private sector average is 20%) and 5.8% of their pensions (private sector average is 7.5%).  They want us to subsidize them so they can get to be richer than we are!  Upward redistribution of income!
Governor Scott Walker, the courageous, young Republican just elected in Wisconsin also wants to limit teachers union bargaining to wages and benefits, but to leave work rules in the hands of school administrators.  His ideas are vital to good schools but outrageous to the entrenched defenders of bad education in the teachers unions.
The most innovative governor in America – and also a likely GOP contender for president – is Bush’s former OMB director Mitch Daniels.  He is pushing forward with an exciting bill for statewide choice in schools, limits on teacher collective bargaining, caps on salary increases, and tenure reform.  He has already pioneered using Health Savings Accounts to reduce health insurance costs – voluntarily – for state workers.    

In Tennessee, with no noticeable leadership from the Republican governor Bill Haslam, the GOP state legislature is taking matters into its own hands.  Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Dolores Gresham and Representative Bill Dunn have taken the lead in pushing legislation to prohibit collective bargaining with teachers unions entirely.  They are also planning moves to expand school choice.  Their landmark bill has just been reported out of the Senate Committee and, with Republican majorities in both houses, is likely to become law.
In Idaho, a gutsy Education Commissioner (elected) Tom Luna had his car vandalized and his family got death threats for trying to expand the pool of teachers to include all college graduates so as not to be limited to the indoctrinated graduates of education schools.
In Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, bills to advance school choice and reform schools are advancing.
And then there are the cowards – Governor Rick Scott of Florida who electrified the state with his bold proposal for education vouchers for statewide school choice only to shelve the bill and abandon it when the going got tough.  He was aided and abetted by State Senator Stephen Wise (R-Jacksonville) who acted like a RINO by surrendering to the unions and letting the voucher proposal die in his education committee.
But there are enough courageous and true conservatives out there to move the cause forward…rapidly!


>Coming Insurrection


The Coming Insurrection – The Invisible Committee

The following is the start of a book heralded by Glenn Beck as something terrible and banal, but something every American needs to read. I won’t reprint the entire book here, just bits and pieces. Maybe I will excite your interest enough, and incite in you enough fear, to pick up this book or download it on computer

The book you hold in your hands has become the principle piece of evidence in an
anti-terrorism case in France directed against nine individuals who were arrested
on November 11 2008, mostly in the village of Tarnac. They have been accused of
“criminal association for the purposes of terrorist activity” on the grounds that they
were to have participated in the sabotage of overhead electrical lines on France’s
national railways. Although only scanty circumstantial evidence has been presented
against the nine, the French Interior Minister has publically associated them with
the emergent threat of an “ultra-left” movement, taking care to single out this
book, described as a “manual for terrorism,” which they are accused of authoring.
What follows is the text of the book preceded by the first statement of the Invisible
Committee since the arrests.

All Power To The Communes

In the subway, there’s no longer any trace of the screen of embarrassment that normally impedes the gestures of the passengers. Strangers make conversation without making passes. A band of comrades conferring on a street corner. Much larger assemblies on the boulevards, absorbed in discussions. Surprise attacks mounted in city after city, day after day. A new military barracks has been sacked and burned to the ground. The evicted residents of a building have stopped negotiating with the mayor’s office; they settle in. A company manager is inspired to blow away a handful of his colleagues in the middle of a meeting. There’s been a leak of files containing the personal addresses of all the cops, together with those of prison officials, causing an unprecedented wave of sudden relocations. We carry our surplus goods into the old village bar and grocery store, and take what we lack. Some of us stay long enough to discuss the general situation and figure out the hardware we need for the machine shop. The radio keeps the insurgents informed of the retreat of the government forces. A rocket has just breached a wall of the Clairvaux prison. Impossible to say if it has been months or years since the “events” began. And the prime minister seems very alone in his appeals for calm.

A Point of Clarification

Everyone agrees. It’s about to explode. It is acknowledged,
with a serious and self-important look, in the corridors of the
Assembly, just as yesterday it was repeated in the cafés. There
is a certain pleasure in calculating the risks. Already, we are
presented with a detailed menu of preventive measures for
securing the territory. The New Years festivities take a decisive
turn – “next year there’ll be no oysters, enjoy them while you
can!” To prevent the celebrations from being totally eclipsed
by the traditional disorder, 36,000 cops and 16 helicopters are
rushed out by Alliot-Marie1 – the same clown who, during the
high school demonstrations in December, tremulously watched
for the slightest sign of a Greek contamination, readying the
police apparatus just in case. We can discern more clearly every
day, beneath the reassuring drone, the noise of preparations
for open war. It’s impossible to ignore its cold and pragmatic
implementation, no longer even bothering to present itself as an
operation of pacification.

The newspapers conscientiously draw up the list of causes
for the sudden disquiet. There is the financial crisis, of course,
with its booming unemployment, its share of hopelessness and
of social plans, its Kerviel and Madoff scandals. There is the
failure of the educational system, its dwindling production of
workers and citizens, even with the children of the middle class
as its raw material. There is the existence of a youth to which no
political representation corresponds, a youth good for nothing
but destroying the free bicycles that society so conscientiously put
at their disposal.

None of these worrisome subjects should appear insurmountable in an era whose predominant mode of government is precisely the management of crises. Unless we consider that what power is confronting is neither just another
crisis, nor a series of more or less chronic problems, of more or less anticipated disturbances, but a singular peril: that a form
  1. Michèle Alliot-Marie, the French Interior Minister.

    The disaster is a pathology that is difficult to undo. It’s above all
    a fiction that no longer knows how to carry on. Our governors
    themselves increasingly consider it as a useless encumbrance
    because they, at least, take the conflict for what it is – militarily.
    They have no complex about sending in elite antiterrorist units
    to subdue riots, or to liberate a recycling center occupied by its
    workers. As the welfare state collapses, we see the emergence of
    a brute conflict between those who desire order and those who
    don’t. Everything that French politics has been able to deactivate
    is in the process of unleashing itself. It will never be able to
    process all that it has repressed. In the advanced degree of social
    decomposition, we can count on the coming movement to find
    the necessary breath of nihilism. Which will not mean that it
    won’t be exposed to other limits.

Revolutionary movements do not spread by contamination
but by resonance. Something that is constituted here resonates
with the shock wave emitted by something constituted over there.
A body that resonates does so according to its own mode. An
insurrection is not like a plague or a forest fire – a linear process
which spreads from place to place after an initial spark. It rather
takes the shape of a music, whose focal points, though dispersed
in time and space, succeed in imposing the rhythm of their own
vibrations, always taking on more density. To the point that any
return to normal is no longer desirable or even imaginable.

That was the beginning of “Insurrection.” Call it
fantastic, call it stupid. It all depends on your politics or state of mind.

Frankly, I print some of the book here for
elucidation. We here in America have never
experienced – at least since the Civil War –
complete anarchy. That is a breakdown of
civil order. Americans are an orderly and efficient species – the most efficient workers in the world. We’ve proven our hard work ethic. In that we are number one, even if our kids are not being taught what they should be in schools.

We like to work hard. We like the benefits of being frugal and hard working. That’s the American way. We arise each morning at about  six a.m., come home from work at six p.m. and go on with the same routine for five or six days a week. Too bad that we don’t use the seventh day for what it was intended for – to honor our God by attending church services, praying and studying Godly things. We have degenerated into an almost ungodly society – but we’re not as far gone as the Europeans who are almost completely secular. 

We like to imagine that the needs of children
are being taken care of during the day at our schools that are the finest in the world. That is if you’re talking in terms of only briks and mortar. In truth, American schools are not the best – yet the unions representing the teachers, administrators, and other school workers pretend to say they are world class.

If that were so we would be leading the world in 
subjects like math and science. When in fact the
Chinese and South Koreans are leading the world, with the Finnish students in third. Maybe we should import Finland’s school system over here. It could be financed at roughly a third of the cost we put into American schools.
We have world-class teachers – at least
teachers paid like they are world class – and third world results. Our schools turn out some of the most ignorant students in the world. I don’t mean to be critical of the kids, not directly. But what I just wrote is true.

How long will America be able to lead the world in standard of living with schools like that? Maybe this scenario is why President Barak Obama doesn’t seem to mind seeing Wisconsin teachers not prevail over the school system and Wisconsin’s conservative governor Scott Walker.
Finally, does Obama realize that we need to tighten our belts in schools and public works across the country? I hope so. 

Teacher benefits are so great – they get free health care and guaranteed retirements paid for by the taxpayers. Well, finally the taxpayers have spoken. The Tea Parties have awakened us to the hard realities of life here in the USA,.
We can’t afford expensive teachers and third-world results. We need to fire bad teachers and incent good ones. We need to see things as they are. And for teachers to tell their students to stay home so they can come with them to Madison to protest reality and picket – when the kids don’t even know why they’re there –
is a travesty of justice and a gross error on the part of these so-called teachers. If I were their parent I’d be damned mad at the teachers. I’d go after their jobs.

Yes, Governor Walker, bring in the National Guard. Not to knock the kids aside the head –  leave that to cheese-head parents – but to teach the classes teachers abandoned and to scrub the floors and do other duties these striking teachers and public employees should be doing. They have been coddled too long across the broad expanse of this nation. I’m not talking about the kids, but the public employees who are represented by unions. The unions are responsible for our poor showing, our poor student performance. Down with the unions.
Finally, maybe teachers will get it. We the taxpayers aren’t going to take it any longer, and you’re going to perform or you’re HISTORY.
Don White

>Unions Have Bloated and Hurt America


Unions and the “Willy Wonka” Problem

In Today’s Issue: Unions and the “Willy Wonka” Problem

Remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Violet Beauregarde was a precocious young gum-chewer who tries a prototype “three-course-meal” chewing gum during he tour of Wonka’s factory. Willy Wonka warned her not to try it because of some unsolved problems with the blueberry pie flavor.
Violet disobeys and at first enjoys the intriguing new “treat” (consisting of tomato soup, roast beef, baked potato and blueberry pie flavors). But when Violet gets to the blueberry pie, her face begins to turn blue and she blows up like a balloon. Wonka has the Oompa Loompas roll Violet away to the juicing room before she explodes.
Unions have a similar problem to Violet. As we learned last time, when they first came to power they not only achieved important and positive things for their members, but they built a lasting legacy of restrictions on employer behavior that remains strong today. But like Violet, what at first was a good thing grew and grew over time. Eventually in many cases the massive gains unions made were completely out of proportion to what their host employers could handle. And that is when the big troubles began.
Here are some examples of how unions became victims of their own success:
1. Anti-competitiveness. Unions raised workers wages substantially above the wages paid to nonunion workers. This leads to two problems. First, unionized employers tend to substitute technology for labor whenever possible, over the long run creating unemployment and reducing the overall demand for labor (not to mention the number of people who benefit from these “monopoly” wages). In addition, union-made products have become more expensive.  Sales are lost to less expensive foreign competitors and nonunion producers.
2. Decline in the value of merit. Workers find it difficult to advance on their own merit in many union settings, where most contracts focus on seniority for advancement.  Union contracts specify the process for increasing wage which serves the group not the overachiever. This can sometimes lead to more productive talent leaving for non-union operations where they are more likely to benefit from their unique talents.
3. Unable to weed out underperformers. In unionized companies there is a lot of peer pressure not to “show off” your brothers and sisters. In some cases it is also more difficult to move (or remove) poor performing or ineffective employees. In that environment unionized workers can lose the incentive to work hard.  There’s no incentive to excel for the get-up-and-go employee.  Workers can become comfortable with mediocre culture in protective surroundings and pressure by the union not to go the extra mile.
4. Fewer investors. Savvy investors invest in competitive firms with sharp nimble management, and healthy margins.  Nonunion firms attract more investors.  With extra invested capital, firms can apply financing to acquire new technologies and expert talent to remain competitive. We are no longer in Kansas, economic dynamics changed
During the 1950’s, the French and British imported automobiles to the US.  By 1956, Japan started its US with compacts pick-ups.  New foreign car-makers began a gradual trend to increase competition. When you purchase your car, it’s an investment.  During your ownership your car requires maintenance and part replacements.  For decades, owning a foreign car implied added expenses.  Very few mechanics knew how to fix foreign cars.  The law of supply and demand allowed foreign car mechanics to charge higher fees.  Car parts could take weeks to replace. Purchasing American cars was a far more attractive option than foreign cars. It was easy, American auto dealers could compete on price and maintain higher unions wages because there was little competition.
By 1982, Honda opened the first US foreign car manufacturing plant which opened the gateway for a gradual change in attracting more US consumer dollars. By 1993 foreign-based auto plants built over 2.7 million passenger cars and light trucks in the U.S. and Canada annually.  South Korea’s Hyundai opened an assembly plant in Québec. During the mid-1990s, Germany’s Daimler-Benz and BMW both opened state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in South Carolina and Alabama, respectively.
The foreign auto firms provided quality vehicles, with available and affordable maintenance, and without paying higher fees to cover union labor costs.  In addition, these firms provide employment and benefits to US citizens. The model for unionized auto-workers no longer serves the new economic landscape. It’s even surprising the US has any unionized labor in the private sector that still can compete or survive.
We live in what is called a “flat” world that is highly competitive. As technology advances, information, communication, and exchange of ideas can take place instantly.  Competition is no longer limited to who is local.  It’s too easy to transport jobs overseas.  Highly trained and skilled labor is available in other countries at lower fees.  Therefore it’s essential for businesses to remain nimble and flexible to compete. Unfortunately for unions, they still are living several decades in the past.
After Violet was “juiced” by the Oompa Loompas, she left the Chocolate Factory purple, but no worse for wear (in the 2005 remake starring Johnny Depp as Mr. Wonka, Violet became very flexible and quick, doing cartwheels out of the plant). Unlike Violet, unions haven’t learned this lesson. Far from being flexible and dextrous business partners, they remain fat and bloated. And in our flat world, that is definitely a recipe to get “juiced” by the competition.
To your success,
Phillip Wilson

>Unions Rule By Fear

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Who Knows “Mob Rule” Better Than Union Bosses?
Richard Trumka, soon-to-be president of the largest union umbrella in the United States, has a funny understanding of “mob rule.”Presumptive AFL-CIO president Trumka recently blasted those concerned citizens across the country who simply exercised their free speech rights at town hall meetings:

“Mob rule is not a democracy. People have a democratic right to express themselves and our elected leaders have a right to hear from their constituents — not organized thugs whose sole purpose is to shut down the conversation and attempt to scare our leaders into inaction.”

Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black! Of course, Trumka is the expert on “organized thugs” and scare tactics. And in the case of the union he formerly headed, we’re talking about REAL thuggery.Not long ago, as president of the United Mine Workers (UMW) union, Trumka ordered thousands of miners in seven states out on strike. In some states, workers exercised their right to continue working to provide for their families, and massive mobs of UMW union thugs harassed and even violently attacked those who entered picketed worksites. One man named Eddie York was brutally shot and killed by a UMW militant named Jerry Dale Lowe.But Trumka dismissed the violence, implying it was the victims’ fault. He told the Washington Times, “[I]f you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you’re going to burn your finger.”Read the rest of the story here.As always, remember to check back regularly at the Foundation’s blog for all the latest updates from National Right to Work. The National Right to Work Foundation provides free legal aid to employees so they can fight back against union coercion and abuse. The Foundation must rely on the voluntary support of individual Americans who believe in our cause and wish to advance our strategic litigation program. To make a fully tax-deductible donation in whatever amount, please click here.

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization providing free legal aid to employees whose human or civil rights have been violated by compulsory unionism abuses.  The Foundation, which can be contacted toll-free at 1-800-336-3600, is assisting thousands of employees in more than 200 cases nationwide. Its web address is help the National Right to Work Foundation grow; please forward this to a friend.

>Obama Orders In The Union Tea Party Goon Squads


While Democrats take umbrage at Republicans’ spontaneous tea parties and revolt against high spending, the Democrats have no problem loudly announcing that now they will get their Union friends involved to break up the parties.
The following comes from Patrick White

In the week since the House began its own break, several town hall-style meetings have been disrupted by noisy demonstrators. These episodes have drawn widespread media attention, and Republicans have seized on them as well as polls showing a decline in support forPresident Barack Obama and his agenda as evidence that public support is lacking for his signature legislation.

Also Thursday, the AFL-CIO announced plans to mobilize labor activists to attend town hall meetings in 50 congressional districts this month to counter the conservative protesters.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was greeted by about 200 demonstrators at an event in Denver, about half supporting the Democrats, and half opposed.

About 20 protesters gathered in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Thursday to let Democratic Rep. Scott Murphy know they oppose the health care plans in Washington. They carried signs saying: “Obamacare Seniors beware! Rationing is here,” and “If socialized medicine is best … why didn’t Ted Kennedy go to Canada?” Motorists honked as they drove by.

White House advises Dems on health care protests
Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., said Thursday the group, which will keep working over the August break, is making progress.

But even the usually optimistic Baucus says it’s not a done deal.
“If Republicans aren’t there, it could get to the point where some time after the recess … Democrats may have to go in a different direction,” Baucus said after the group returned from a meeting with Obama at the White House.
“I hope not,” Baucus added, “but we have to face facts.”

>Obama Sides With Gays

>The Associated Press has learned that President Obama will sign a UN declaration calling for the decriminalization of Gay practices, something President Bush refused to sign while in office.

Thus, the forked-tongue president who publically says he does not favor the gay rights movement’s desire for marriage recognition will now go on record of supporting Gay rights. In the past, presidents recognized that heterosexual marriage was the only form of marriage that should be called “marriage.”

But with this new recognition, there will be nothing to stand in Obama’s way to create a legal fiction that two Gays can marry in a civil union ceremony; that, therefore, they have the same rights under the law as heterosexual married people including adoption of children, married couple tax benefits, and family and inheritance rights. Obama lied to the American people once again, to get in office, but once in the White House we find that he does not govern himself with the same principles he espoused on the campaign trail.
Read the AP story.