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>Obama To ‘Fire’ Cattle Guards – LOL


Your government at work…
You will love this one, I haven’t stop laughing yet….. 

For those of you who have never traveled to the west, or southwest, cattle guards are horizontal steel rails placed at fence openings, in dug-out places in the roads adjacent to highways (sometimes across highways), to prevent cattle from crossing over that area. For some reason the cattle will not step on the “guards,” probably because they fear getting their feet caught between the rails.

A few months ago, President Obama received and was reading a report that there were over 100,000 cattle guards in Colorado . Colorado ranchers had protested his proposed changes in grazing policies, so he ordered the Secretary of the Interior to fire half of the “cattle” guards immediately!!

Before the Secretary of the Interior could respond and presumably try to straighten him out, Vice-President, Joe Biden, intervened with a request that.. before any “cattle” guards were fired, they be given six months of retraining.
And these guys are running our country, OMG!! 

Passed on to you without further comment….

>Save Our Secret Ballot


Voting by secret ballot to avoid intimidation and ensure freedom of conscience has always been a fundamental right in America. But Big Labor at the national level wants to trash secret ballots when employees vote whether to unionize or not, and the Democratic Congress is likely to go along by passing “Card Check” legislation.

Supporters of secret ballots are encouraging states, including Utah, to pass state constitutional amendments preserving secret ballot elections. HJR8, sponsored by Utah legislator, Rep. Carl Wimmer, proposes an amendment ensuring that voting by secret ballot is a fundamental right.
All states should pass such legislation.

Learn more about this crucial issue at the Save Our Secret Ballot web site.
Big Labor is making arguments that defy logic on this issue. Unions say that the federal “Card Check” legislation won’t actually eliminate secret ballots. But if that is true, why are they lobbying so hard against Utah’s bill, SJR8, which simply preserves secret ballots? Utah must pass SJR8 to ensure secret ballots continue or Utah workers will lose the chance to vote privately on labor representation issues.

I say each patriot in each state should stand up for this fundamental right. Here’s what’s happening in Salt Lake City and up on Capitol Hill. This is one of the most conservative states in the union. What Salt Lake does will eventually reflect what conservatives do all over the country, in my opinion.

News Highlights
— Gov. Huntsman says he backs Equality Utah’s Common Ground Initiative, which would provide some rights to gay and transgender Utahns, and that he supports civil unions (Salt Lake Tribune).

— Possibility of re-instating the sales tax on food is being discussed on Capitol Hill (Deseret News).
Many states, like Minnesota, have similar exemptions for food sales taxes. It is hoped that the poor financial situations in many state budgets won’t mandate taking away this help to the poor — which is all of us today.
— Budget cuts could mean early release from prison for up to 500 inmates, say prison officials (Tribune).

Quote of the Day
“I am very, very protective of the legislative branch of government, as the governor was of the executive branch last year, and I hope he will respect that.”

— House Speaker David Clark, expressing concern that Gov. Huntsman is infringing on legislative prerogatives by impaneling a Commission on Strengthening Utah’s Democracy (Deseret News).

Tuesday Buzz
Written by LaVarr Webb & Associates
Utah Ready for 4th District
Utah is ready to accept a 4th House seat if Congress grants one. Further state legislative action will not be necessary unless something in federal legislation requires it. In 2006, the Legislature, in a 5th special session, approved SB5001, sponsored by Sen. Curt Bramble and Rep. David Clark, creating four Congressional districts. Read the legislation and view maps of the four districts at the end of the document here.
Federal legislation is pending giving the District of Columbia a voting member of the U.S. House, along with giving Utah a fourth congressional seat. It is assumed that if the legislation passes, the new districts would become effective for the 2010 election. However, if Congress mandated the additional seats become effective this year, a special election could be required. That’s not likely as it would create significant turmoil as all four seats would be up for election because current congressmen would be running in new districts. It would cost the state more than $3 million to hold a statewide special election, and incumbent congressmen would end up running three years in a row.