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>The Freeloader Unions Are In Revolt – When They Wake Up And Find People Must Take Care Of Themselves, They’ll Have To Find A New Country

>”Crude Oil” to:

Arianna Huffington: Earlier this week, I spent two hours 
arguing with a very witty libertarian and an avuncular Israeli 
Rush Limbaugh fan about whether the two-party system is 
ruining America. No, it wasn’t just another typical night 
around my dinner table. It was part of a debate sponsored 
by Intelligence Squared — an evening that made me very 
nostalgic for my Cambridge Union days. I joined David 
Brooks in arguing for the proposition. Arguing against were 
Zev Chafets and the consistently hilarious P.J. O’Rourke. 
I summed up my position by comparing the two-party 
system to a stale marriage: Democrats and Republicans 
need something to spice it up. They need to go on 
Craigslist and find a third party. (And if that third party i
sn’t wearing a shirt, they really should do a background 
check, because he might turn out to be a member of Congress).
Howard Schweber:Governor Walker, Welcome to the Show
We’re not Egyptians, it turns out — we won’t wait 30 years 
to make our objections known. That was a tough lesson 
for the Democrats in November, and just three months 
later it’s turning out to be a tough lesson for Republicans as well.
Bill Gates:My 2011 Annual Letter
This year I am making the case against cutting foreign aid 
for the poorest, even in the current budget environment. 
Whether you think it’s an issue of morality or enlightened 
self-interest, aid spending is uniquely effective spending.
Lorelei Kelly:Our Coup d’Etat, by Accident
If we Americans and our civilian elected leaders don’t come 
to terms with our over-dependence on the military, we will 
cede increasing authority to an institution that doesn’t want 
it and should not have it.
Headed for the Doomsday Scenario?
As we get closer to the expiration of the NFL Collective 
Bargaining Agreement, the great unanswered questions 
remain: Will there be a work stoppage? And, if so, how 
long will it last?
Death, Opinion Is What is Riding High
When the age of Mencken passed, many felt that the 
column would be followed by nothing but news. But 
today, given the millions of words of columns, billions of 
 blogs and tweets, opinion is riding high.

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>Global Warming Progressives Beware – God Created This World And Is In Charge of Climate, Not You

>by Don White
This is a scientific blog. I pondered before adding the following article about so-called Green Movement dummies and in disrepute Global Warming freaks. I don’t believe in it’s principles – don’t think many do anymore, even the progressives who created this lie, and many more.

As a preface to what the article below says, I must admit that I am a strong, tithe-paying Mormon. Proud of it. Here’s a story that will “frost” the cockles of all progressives because they don’t believe in God. Before the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leader Brigham Young brought his people to the valleys of the Great Salt Lake, which later became the state of Utah, he got some bum advice from a noted trapper frontiersman, Jim Bridger. Bridger told him not to go to that salty-barren land by the huge salt sea, it wouldn’t produce crops and was too cold in the winter and summers were too short to harvest a crop.

Brigham Young, of course, didn’t listen to him, he listened to the master scientist, even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God of the universe. God told both Joseph Smith, Young’s predecessor, and Brigham to bring his beleaguered people to where Salt Lake City is today – a thriving metropolis. He further promised Young that it would be possible to plant crops and harvest them there. In fact, he said he would moderate the temperature (our first example of Climate manipulation and change in America). But since the promise was made by the very God who created the earth, obviously Brigham Young believed the revelation and the rest is history.

So I say to the Green activists and the Climate Change pigs who make money telling lies, stop and listen. Listen to what God is telling us. Become real again. Stop your lies. Get back to God. He is the only one who can save this nation. We were a God-fearing people in the beginning and in the middle, but where have we gone astray?

 I’ll tell you. We’ve allowed a minority to guide us around by the nose. Atheists in America are a minority. We who believe in God and who actively worship and serve God are the majority in America. But it’s high time we stood up and were counted. Its time to declare to the world – especially to those progressives in Washington – that you can’t lie to us anymore. You can’t push us around. We’re onto you.
Donald M. White
Windermere, Florida__________________________________________________________________

Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson

The New Sophists

Email Victor Davis Hanson | Columnist’s Archive

In classical Athens, public life became dominated by clever and smart-sounding sophists. These mellifluous “really wise guys” made money and gained influence by their rhetorical boasts to “prove” the most amazing “thinkery” that belied common sense.
We are living in a new age of sophism — but without a modern equivalent of Socrates to remind the public just how silly our highly credentialed and privileged new rhetoricians can often sound.
Take California, which is struggling with a near-record wet and snowy winter. Flooding spreads in the lowlands; snow piles up in the Sierras.
In February 2009, Nobel Laureate and Energy Secretary Steven Chu pontificated without evidence that California farms would dry up and blow away, inasmuch as 90 percent of the annual Sierra snowpack would disappear. Yet long-term studies of the central Sierra snowpack show average snow levels unchanged over the last 90 years. Many California farms are drying up — but from government’s, not nature’s, irrigation cutoffs.
England is freezing and snowy. But that’s odd, since global warming experts assured that the end of English snow was on the horizon. Australia is now flooding — despite predictions that its impending new droughts meant it could not sustain its present population. The New York Times just published an op-ed assuring the public that the current record cold and snow are proof of global warming. In theory, they could be, but one wonders: what, then, would record winter heat and drought prove?
In response to these unexpected symptoms of blizzards and deluges, climate physicians offer changing diagnoses. “Global change” has superseded “global warming.” After these radically cold winters, the next replacement appears to be “climate chaos.” Yet if next December is neither too hot nor too cold, expect to hear about the doldrum dangers of “climate calm.”
In 2009, brilliant economists in the Obama administration — Peter Orszag, Larry Summers and Christina Romer — assured us that record trillion-plus budget defects were critical to prevent stalled growth and 10 percent unemployment. For nearly two years we have experienced both, but now with an addition $3 trillion in national debt. All three have quietly either returned to academia or Wall Street.
There is also a new generation of young, sophistic bloggers who offer their wisdom from the New York-Washington corridor. They are usually graduates of America’s elite colleges and navigate in an upscale urban landscape. One, the Washington Post‘s 26-year-old Ezra Klein, recently scoffed to his readers that a bothersome U.S. Constitution was “100 years old” and had “no binding power on anything.”

>Change.Org Is A Front For Socialist Obama

>Get real. is a front for the Obama people who probably had something to do with the explosion at that oil well in the Gulf.

If not, why was Obama so slow in even going there are doing anything – like ordering the Coast Guard and other military to help sop up the spill. 

It has been said that Obama didn’t even follow the emergency law on the issue. That is, right after an explosion – and they’re rare – the government is supposed to put one of it’s burn-off domes over the site and burn off the oil residue, not wait ten days until it becomes a threat to Gulf states which it now is. You know what? The FEDS don’t even have in stock these domes. A lot of help they are. Next time they tell you to prepare for disaster, tell them to practice what they preach.
I say, Blame Obama for the entire event. It is a man-made event in my mind. And it was made manifoldly more serious because of Obama’s lack of experience in handling a disaster of any kind. Bobby Jindal, governor of Lousianna, is trying to respond. He’s in it because the FEDs have done almost nothing to stem the oil and take care of the problem. Now is not the time to stop drilling. We need every barrel of oil we get from offshore. It is part of the Obama plan to have seven-dollar a gallon oil before the year is out, however. 
What is criminal is that Obama’s group of socialist-communist thugs aren’t even going to investigate the real cause of the explosion. That’s outrageous. Conservatives in Congress should call for an investigation.  Especially when your group of Obama sycophants now want to cry no more drilling off shore – or anywhere perhaps.
He created this emergency – which inadvertently caused the deaths of those people (accidentally in that situation) so that he can lobby the America people for what he has always believed in – no off-shore drilling. He wants to “level the playing field” and make our electricity and other utility bills go “unnecessarily higher” and I doubt he even wants on land drilling. Otherwise, why not drill or mine in known on-land sites like ANWAR, the Utah Colorado area where oil shale is abundant or North Dakota – Montana area which has the largest known deposit of oil in the world. Give me a break, I’m not going to front for you guys. is illegitimate, unpatriotic, and anti-American on the face.

Don White
Windermere, FL

— On Thu, 5/6/10, Action Alert  wrote:

From: Action Alert
Subject: Tell Obama: No More Oil Drilling Off Our Coasts
Date: Thursday, May 6, 2010, 9:08 AM
Sign the Pledge
Dear Don,
Last week’s oil drilling disaster off the Louisiana coast is expected to become one of the largest oil disasters in North American history.
Our hearts go out to the eleven families who lost their loved ones in the oil-rig explosion.
This is a tragedy, this is avoidable and this needs to stop — oil is dirty, dangerous, and deadly.
It’s been discovered that the well is spewing five times as much oil into the ocean as originally estimated, 210,000 gallons of oil each day — and no end is in sight.
Although President Obama is committing resources toward addressing the immediate cleanup and recovery needs of Gulf Coast residents, businesses, wildlife, and marine life, we know the damage can’t be contained completely.
We will see the communities of the Gulf Coast affected with the anticipated damages for years to come. Instead of risking our lives, our coasts, our clean air, and our security by perpetuating our addiction to oil, let’s build a clean energy economy that means more jobs, less pollution, and real energy independence.
It’s time to put an end to this today.
– The Team in partnership with the Sierra Club

>Ship Gitmo Prisoners To Alaska


by Don White

Is there a wrong way to make a mistake?. That’s what I and many others consider closing down Guantánamo. If he was going to close Giutmo, the prison camp, Obama did the right thing in making it a presidential order, despite comments of New York Law School visiting professor, Brandt Goldstein in a Huffington story. The president did it quickly and decisively, pleasing his supporters and angering the right.

Goldstein suggests Congress enact a law so that Gitmo can never be reopened, making sure Mitt Romney, a possible new president in four years, doesn’t reverse this decision if all doesn’t go well under the inexperienced Obama. I’ve got news for you, Goldy, all presidential decisions can be reversed by subsequent presidents. Look what Obama has done already to the conservative Bush mandates such as abortion.

But Obama has far more important things on his plate right now than inviting a Congressional fight that would divide, not unite the country. He needs to concentrate on ending the wars, leveling the economic playing field without taxing away our ability in America to create jobs, giving make-work infrastructure jobs to all non-whites (as suggest by Robert Reich), solving the Social Security puzzle, and determining how not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. Did I say that? Yes, he won’t raise enough money to pay for his extravagant multi-trillion-dollar spending bills with just taxing the rich who make over $250,000 a year. Mark my words. When he’s done he will have incresed taxes on everyone making more than $50,000 a year.

Indeed, his plate is full. He doesn’t need dissent – he’s got plenty of that already, what with his announcement he will raise energy prices drastically to keep his “green” promises. He wants to revert to a seldom used Senate rule called “Reconciliation” where the Senators have only 20 hours to consider spending bills coming up from the House. If he is successful in stifling debate in the Senate we might as well not have a Senate. That is the body that is charged with lengthy debate. Senators are supposed to be our brightest and best debaters, our last hope against tyranny. If this happens, mark my words — no these are Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hanity’s — we will then be a dictatorship, why stop at socialistic regime.
In several strokes of the pen in one week Obama took this country back to the dark ages in social and economic policy and has managed by himself to alienate the right wing. After he had indicated, in not so many words but actions, that he would not run the country as a far left-wing radical, he has gone back on that impression and is

following to the hilt all of his campaign promises.


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Conservative Estimate. Don White <—Click this link


Some people like former Clinton aide Dick Morris write books and go on TV shows like Sean Hanity’s “Let Freedom Ring” to make their money. I don’t know how much his book pulled in, but it was on the NY Times best seller list for upwards of 20 straight weeks.

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Conservative Estimates. Don White <—Click this link

You who voted for him because of his blackness, intelligence, speaking ability, and charm before liberals at Jay Leno and in his frequent press conferences which are just another venue for him to filabuster,, not to, but at the American people. He orchestrates everything so that he can do the most talking. He even has a list prepared of those reporters he will allow to ask questions. See, there’s no democracy already in the East Room of the White House. It’s a new kind of press conference we are seeing, not open, not freewheeling. but boring. And those are the words of people like Hugh Huett, who has seen many press conferences, and even Democrat pundits. He even uses a large teleprompter so that he looks to the TV viewing audience that he’s speaking impromptu, but he isn’t. He has it all on the screen twenty paces in front of him so that he doesn’t misspeak again.

I was wrong. I said he was first a left-wing radical politician. There have been others. Just watch the White House guest list to see who will occupy the biggest West Wing

bedrooms and you’ll know I’m right. Then you, too, will awaken to the truth –

Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He opted for the executive directive to save

face; he left the Gitmo deal to execute in one year, not tomorrow because,

frankly, he doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s going to do with those 200 to

300 prisoners.

I got diverted away from Gitmo, and that, too, was orchestrated by Obama. He doesn’t want to discuss it until next January. But I do have the best solution: I suggest he set up a prison in South Chicago near his elite subdivision, but you will see the special prison we build for these people who would like to wipe America off the face of the earth will cost us upwards of one hundred million dollars and the good Demos from Chicago would be burning down the phone lines if Obama tried to do this.
“Imagine the jobs you could create in your home city, Barak.”

He will turn it down, of course. But hey, how about Nevada? Nope, that’s Harry’s state. Then Utah. Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch are Republicans and Obama liberals would like to see them squirm.

That’s how it will go and states will spend millions lobbying not to have the facility built in their states. It will become as toxic an issue for the states as the nuclear waste facility.
I do have the ultimate answer. Put them up in Alaska, the far north part. It’s isolated and if they do get out they’ll freeze to death trying to walk away. You say there isn’t enough timber and cement up there? Well, get some chain saws and carve ice blocks and make an ice house. You can’t heat it of course, but that’s the plan.

The global warming lie was most evident this year during the coldest winter in recent history, where it was 50 degrees below zero just a month ago in Alaska. You can save money, just turn off the heat. Alaskans are used to the cold, but the Arabs and others in Gitmo aren’t. That may turn out to be the best form of torture we could devise. They’ll spill the beans, after we promise we’ll let them a cell in a warmer clime.

>Romney Jewels Stolen From Deer Valley Mansion

TALKER, from The (Park City, Utah) Record: ‘Somebody stole between 15 and 20 pieces of jewelry from Mitt Romney’s Park City mansion, the police department said, describing that the person who took the jewelry appears to have had access to the house. Rick Ryan, a police department captain, said the jewelry belongs to Romney’s wife, Ann Romney. … [T]he jewelry has a ‘high value.’ … [T]here was not evidence that somebody broke into the house. … [W]orkers had been in the house sometime between Jan. 5 and Feb. 16 to work on a shower … a bathroom next door to the walk-in closet where the jewelry was taken … The jewelry was in a box on a shelf in the closet, he said. … Police investigators have asked Ann Romney’s jewelry consultant for a list of pieces that might have been taken.’

Get hold of Don and Carolyn White’s successful new book,a must read for our economic times, “SELLING FAST: We Sold Our House in One Day And You Can Too.” Here is a link about a great new book by Carolyn, Don, and Marcus White, SELLING FAST, We Sold Our House In One Day And You Can Too.

>Romney Selling Utah and Massachusetts Homes


var requestedWidth = 0; Click photo to enlarge

Jewelry stolen from Romney’s Deer Valley home

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and hiss wife Ann discovered a theft of jewelry in a bedroom of the Deer Valley ski mansion on Feb. 17.

According to Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter there was no sign of forced entry into the house and nothing else was disturbed.

“It was someone who had access to the residence,” he said.
Multiple workers had entered the home for repairs on a shower and other parts of the house at the time of the theft, which happened between Jan. 5 and Feb. 17, he said.

No value or description of the jewelry was immediately available. Investigators are getting a complete description of the lost items and are gathering a list of workers who had access to the house.

Located in Deer Valley, the 9,500-square-foot ski villa is on the market for $5.25 million. A spokesman said last week the Romneys are selling the Deer Valley home and another in Massachusetts because they had “more space” than they needed.

A Romney spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment.
Romney ran the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and served as governor of Massachusetts before mounting a failed run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.

Does this mean Mr. Romney will not be seeking election from either Utah or Massachusetts? That was not revealed, but we know he also has a house near San Diego, California which the couple uses to vacation. This home has expansive Pacific Ocean views and apparently is just above a very picturesque part of California and includes white water breakers below clearly visable from the home. It is not a mansion, by ordinary measures, because its size is about 3,000 square feet compared to the Utah mansion described in the photos above.

If Mitt and Ann Romney were real smart, which I believe they are, they would take a look at Don White’s great new book called SELLING FAST: We Sold Our House In One Day And You Can Too. It’s a 270-page E-Book featured at right now. In it, home owners can see how Don and Carolyn White prepare a home before sale, how they outsmart the other folks selling homes, how they find the best realtor on the block, how they present the home to the public, and how they sell homes they have lived in — and that’s been plenty — and get top dollar, even during a recession, which they have done. See This Book featured in an article at Amazon and also at House ABCs. Don White

>Read These Stories At Your Own Risk

>I don’t agree at all with the stories below – they come from the Huffington Report, so be careful not to believe one tenth of what you read. Maybe by offering this garbage I will receive a bunch of conservative comments down in the comment box and I can help you vent.
Don White

The Daily Brief

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Lionel Beehner: Anybody Know What ‘Smart Power’ Means?



Lionel Beehner: Hand it to Hillary Clinton. She’s managed to sum up the bold new direction of US foreign policy into a bumper-friendly catchphrase: smart power. Sufficiently vague, the phrase is remarkable for its meaninglessness. Ostensibly it combines “hard” with “soft” power, a win-win policy that will wow the pants off the world’s tyrants and restore American leadership in the world. But let’s face it: the phrase is nothing more than an empty policy that launched a thousand think-tank brown bags. The phrase avoids having to be specific about anything. Click here to read more.

Paul Begala: Bring Back the Stocks

As President Obama ushers in a new era of good feeling, allow me this potentially discordant note. As we finally stop torturing people, can we please start humiliating sleazeballs?

Steve Clemons: Obama and Ted Kennedy See Plans Foiled as Caroline Withdraws?

Caroline Kennedy may yet be a factor in American politics. Obama would love it for his own reasons — and so would the powerful political franchise that Ted Kennedy helped build.

Sen. Russ Feingold: A Great Start to Restoring the Rule of Law

President Obama has shown us how we can strengthen our national security without undermining our ideals. On Tuesday we witnessed history, and now we are witnessing fundamental change.

Robert Redford: Utah Lands Win a Reprieve at the Dawn of a Cleaner, Greener Future

Destroying our natural heritage will do nothing to solve our energy challenges for the long-term, which to me, is even more reason to act.

John McQuaid: Obama vs. the Media

Obama (correctly, I think) sees the press representing two things that are clear obstacles to his ambitious plans: official Washington and a trivia-obsessed media culture.