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>Scott Walker, Wisconsin Taxpayers Defeat Unions


We’ve just won a huge victory in Wisconsin!
The GOP Senate simply outsmarted Obama’s bloated public unions.
In a historic vote last night, the Wisconsin Senate approved the most critical part of Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.
By eliminating collective bargaining over benefits, Obama’s bloated public employee unions no longer have absolute power to hold taxpayers hostage.
No longer will Wisconsin’s liberal politicians award lavish pension and health benefit packages to their union cronies in exchange for a mother-load of campaign cash and votes.
What happened?
The Wisconsin Senate requires a quorum to vote on any bill that spends money. This is how the 14 AWOL senators shamefully managed to block a vote on Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.
So Republicans simply stripped the non-fiscal portion off of the bill. The Senate then voted on it as a stand-alone measure, one that doesn’t spend money!
This is a huge victory not only for Wisconsin, but for all of America.
Robert Reich, who served as President Clinton’s Labor Secretary, admits Wisconsin will reverberate nationwide.
He says: “I wouldn’t be surprised if governors in New Jersey … and also in Indiana and other Midwestern states – where you have Republican governors, who believe they are in the ascendancy – take some courage from all of this.”
Liberals Enraged
No surprise, after disgracing the office they hold, the 14 AWOL senators now say they’ll return to Wisconsin from their Illinois hideout.
And they’re vowing to escalate the fight to a new level.
One of Obama’s allies is Michael Moore, a Hollywood-leftist filmmaker.
He’s calling for a nationwide “student walk-out” on Friday to protest Wisconsin, and is demanding jail time for Scott Walker.
A guest on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” an enraged Moore declared “The rich have committed these crimes and the people will demand your ass is in jail… we have a right to your money!”
Clearly, Michael Moore has gone nuts.
But the fact is this is a battle for the nation.
That’s why Obama’s public union allies are so desperate to strike-back with vengeance.
They’ll do whatever it takes to destroy Scott Walker, and to reverse our huge victory in Wisconsin.
They won’t stop. But neither will the League of American Voters. We’ve got Scott’s back.
Your donations and support to the League of American Voters helped Scott Walker and state legislators stay firm and win this battle.
But we need to continue in our efforts to not only support Scott Walker, but prepare for other state battles.
Please help us Donate Here Now.
Let me warn you, over the next 48 hours, it’s going to get ugly.
We expect a plague of Democrat lawsuits, more mob chaos, and well-funded recall campaigns against GOP senators., one of Obama’s far-left allies, is trying to raise $500,000 in twenty-four hours.
Their goal? “To make sure that these senators pay a heavy price… We can’t let them get away with this.”
In fact, they’re already collecting signatures to recall these courageous senators who stood with Gov. Scott Walker.
That’s why it’s so urgent for the League to continue its highly-effective campaign to expose Obama’s bloated public unions.
And we need to take our campaign to other states too, like Ohio, Indiana, and New Jersey.
Whenever a bold governor like Scott Walker takes a stand for freedom, the League must be there to support him.