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>Overcoming Depresssion In Finland — "The Black Dog"


Using the Internet to tame the “black dog” of depression

Lapland experiment makes use of videoconferencing

Using the Internet to tame the "black dog" of depression
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By Vesa-Pekka Hiltunen in Rovaniemi
      Wartime British Prime Minister Winston Churchill used to refer to his bouts of clinical depression as his “black dog”.
      Helena Hanni from Rovaniemi also has a black dog, in the shape of a labrador puppy.
      Hanni sits at her PC with Lumi the puppy on her lap and laughs aloud at the parallel.
      She has managed to get her other dog, that of depression, under control.
Hanni and eight other depression sufferers have just been through a two.month “depression school”.
      The idea of the counselling project is to offer means of warding off bouts of depression in advance and to offer peer group self-treatment under the guidance of mental health professionals. Read More of this story.