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>We Hope And Pray Glenn Beck Is Okay


Glenn Beck to Take Time Off for Unspecified Medical Tests

By: Jim Meyers
Glenn Beck told his radio audience on Friday morning that he will take off several days next week to undergo medical tests at a hospital “out west,” saying he is going through a “transformation.”

He said “small fiber” issues may be involved but that testing will provide a clearer understanding. “We don’t even know what all of the symptoms are at this point,” he disclosed.

Speaking slowly and carefully choosing his words, Beck went on to say somewhat cryptically that he believes “physical, mental, and spiritual are all tied. You can’t injure the soul of someone and not have physical wounds appear eventually.

“I would ask for your prayers,” not for healing but for “clarity, for a desire to continue to stand. I would just like to want to.

What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!