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>Hey, Harry: Change Your Vote, Repeal ObamaCare


Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev)

I share your heart-felt religious views and commitment to the truth. You are great in so many ways:
  • With one of the world’s worst dictators in Washington last week you called a spade a spade – much to the horror of those elitist progressives, you called him what he is – “a dictator.”
  • You have openly opposed abortion, or using taxpayer funds for abortions.
   But you let one slip over on you when you agreed to push and pass in the Senate ObamaCare. What happened, didn’t you read the bill? That isn’t like you, but now you’ll have to arrange to change that blight on your record. ObamaCare funds abortion with taxpayer funds. Didn’t you know that, or have you now become an abortionist backer?
Pity, you had such a good record against abortion …up ‘til now.
But all is not lost. You must
1)      start reading the bills before voting for them and
2)      vote for repeal of ObamaCare.
Don’t, and you could look like an idiot. You and I both know that it will take only four Republican votes – four more than they now have to pass this repeal bill. That means only four Democrats must about-face on the repeal bill and join with Republicans. Then soon you’ll be a minority leader, not the smelly Kingfish in the Senate. I’m going to report you to the people if you try to buy off Olympia Snow and Susan Collins again.
Repeal will happen quite easily, as 23 Democrat Senators come up for re-election in the 2012 elections. I can’t see the Republicans losing on this and neither can you. The entire nation of voters knows you only passed ObamaCare by playing dirty. You voted in the middle of the night behind locked doors with threats flying and money flowing to certain ones to turn the tide. If that happens again, we will have the House of Representatives conduct a thorough investigation on you and your staff, on Obama, and on the source of the money you throw at this. You think Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have been hard on you to this point. Just watch them and the Fox News people take after your carcass when you pull another Dirty Harry trick. 
If both the House and Senate vote for repeal, a more moderate Obama will call for a compromise meeting. But it would be silly for Republicans who now have the votes. “Let him fry,” they would say, “and he will cave.” He’s also up for election in 2012 and won’t get elected if he opposes both the Senate and the House on this important bill – if he holds out for funding abortion, holds out for bankrupting America with what this bill will cost.
 In Church today we sang a song written by Joel Johnson, “Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning. The end of the third verse reads: “Truth is nobler than a crown.”
If you can look yourself in the mirror each morning after voting against healthcare repeal – and yes, there will be a health bill, but it will be a lot less expensive than ObamaCare and abortion will be out – and say you have been truthful with voting against the repeal bill then you’re a lot more stupid than I thought.
Take courage, Man. You did when you called Chinese President Hu a “dictator.” You’ll feel much better about yourself when the bill gets repealed, you’ve got to.
Don White