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Gold to crash and other issues

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 10:57 PM

As many of you know, I have never felt comfortable about buying gold. The government has confiscated it in the past and I fear could do it again, especially since this administration can’t get us to start consuming as Obama requests. I am definitely NOT recommending you sign up with this so called investor (his fees are exorbitant) but I do feel his take on this country’s financial situation is pretty accurate. Numerous ads are telling us we are headed for inflation and we must buy gold as a hedge. Lately my gut has been saying we are in a deflation/depression. This report confirms my feelings.

Other reports I have read state the bailout money the banks received is being used to buy Treasuries to cover the banks derivative spending debts, mortgage bankruptcies etc. They are not lending to people who want to buy homes, partially because of all the layoffs coupled with not knowing if the prospective buyer will have a job in the near future. The banks see more trouble ahead and will not take chances.

Obama has been spending these last four months trying to make good on his campaign promises. His first priority is to pay back unions and others who contributed to his campaign. The unions made out big on this GM bankruptcy where the bond holders lost big time. Some of those bond holders were investment groups who are managing your and our retirement funds. (The government has stated it is considering confiscating 401Ks and other retirement savings and converting them to the defunct Social Security Fund.) These are some of the sacrifices he wants us to make.

Obama has told congress he wants Universal Health Care passed by August. There are no plans drawn up as to how this will be run. But he has stated that if the balance in congress should shift after the congressional elections next year, this may be a dead issue. Folks, this is rationed health care. The government is NOT interested in your receiving better health care, but having total control over you and me. This plan is great for children and young couples but as one starts to reach middle age, and certainly those who are retired, services are cut off. It is all about money and their budget. If the government can’t keep the post office solvent how does one expect them to run health care??? Example: a surgeon is told he can perform 10 appendectomies this month. He has 5 children, 8 under 45, 5 between 45 and 65, 3 retirees around 65 and 4 around 80. The last 7 are no longer paying into the system so they definitely will be bumped. I’ll let you figure out what the choice would be BASED ON ECONOMICS, NOT HEALTH. When we lived down state in the 80’s, I attended the seniors community bridge game twice a month with my mother. During the winter months our numbers swelled due to the influx of Canadians and Brits who could not get health care in their countries and would spend the winters and their saving in the US to be treated. These countries are begging us to not go universal. They know what it is like. They will have no place to go.

Then there are those who might be planning to be doctors. Why would they? All that time, money etc only to be given a cookie cutter list of what to prescribe for each illness IF the patient is eligible. In countries that have socialized med, retirees are given a euthanasia pill to take if their pain becomes intolerable. It is more cost effective then spending large sums of money for the drugs or surgery that may help them. There will be NO doctors outside of the system. Their salaries will be capped, their initiative stymied. They would probably make more money as a plumber. (The gov’t will tell them how much they can earn also. That is what they do in socialist countries, which we are fast becoming.) We have the best health care system in the world and the government wants to destroy it. Research will halt as there will be no money to fund it.

While I am on my soap box, let me bring up another point, Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Obama wants a judge with empathy. The constitution bugs Obama and gets in his way. A judge who rules on empathy will bend the laws we have on the books. The cases she has ruled on have been appealed to the supreme court and overturned 60% of the time. A recent case she ruled on is expected to be overturned momentarily. It is the firefighters case. Firefighters took a standard test used by many states and if passed would make them eligible for promotion. There were 8 whites, 1 Latino and 2 blacks. One white suffered from dyslexia and hired a tutor to help him study for the test. The whites and Latino passed but the two blacks did not. Judge Sotomayor ruled the test invalid because of race. That meant none of those who passed were eligible for promotion. They have appealed to the supreme court which is expected to rule in their favor. REMEMBER, A SUPREME COURT JUDGE IS A LIFE LONG APPOINTMENT AND Judge Sotomayor IS YOUNG. ALSO, THE SUPREME COURT IS THE LAST STOP. THEIR RULING IS FINAL AND THERE IS NO APPEAL.

Then there is CAP AND TRADE. This is nothing more than a huge tax which will ultimately be born by everyone. Utilities have been predicted to go up at least by half. It is based on Al Gores skewed testing (equipment placed near paved parking lots etc) to try to prove the case for global warming. World wide award winning scientists met in NY in March and declared there is no evidence of global warming. In fact we are actually in a cooling trend. But Gore, GE and other industries plan to make tons of money from this scheme. When I wrote my senator to vote no, he replied he was going to support it because we needed to reduce our dependency on foreign oil through alternative methods. I wrote back that we are sitting on tons of our own oil and gas and to start drilling as well as doing research. Did you hear Obama saying it is OK for Iran to continue nuclear research as they needed it for energy. With all that oil they need nuclear energy??? Do they think we are stupid or what! And Obama does not want US to use nuclear.

Tonights news mentioned the vote for Card Check is still out there. Union bosses want to do away with secret ballots. Union members don’t want to have to sign a petition with someone standing there intimidating and watching how they vote. But this seems to be the season to do whatever the union bosses want. Pay back time.

Obama says we all have to sacrifice. May I suggest we give up some of our TV and other pleasures to becoming more informed about this fast moving congress and writing to tell them firmly, but politely how we feel about these issues. If we take the attitude it is useless, we have in effect signed on to all of the above. Obama put short deadlines on when he wants these bills past to the point some of the legislators don’t even read the bills. Enlighten them. Stay on top of the issues and write often.

Couple of tips. When you get on their contact site, you will need to write you name, address etc. Then you select the subject and then write your comments in the box provided. If you write your comments ahead of time on your word processor, save it to a folder (politics) then you can copy and paste it into the box. After you hit send, there will be a thank you notice so you know you have sent it. Use your back button, go to your politics folder and copy your next topic you want to address. Choose a new subject, delete the issue in the box and copy and paste this new issue there and send. Repeat the process with all of the issues you have previously typed and saved in your politics folder. This way you do not have to keep typing your name, address etc over and over again. Now go on to your second senator and do the same. You might have to change a word or two when you send to your representative. Instead of having to write your own comments, you might find an article on the subject you agree with. Copy and paste it into your word document and then alter it to fit your views. Then copy and paste it as above.

There are numerous sites on the internet, talk radio and Fox News to keep you informed. Even government sites to read the bills and to find how your legislators have voted. Invite your friends and neighbors over to discuss the topics and the many well documented books that have been written recently. I particularly like Mark Levin’s ‘Liberty and Tyranny’… a contrast between what we have and what those who want to control us are striving for. More Tea Parties coming up over July 4th where there will be plenty of info you can come away with. BECOME INFORMED AND WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS! There will be an election next year and some are having second thoughts when enough of their constituents disagree with them. Harry Reid is nervous. Let’s hope Nevada gets out there and defeats him!

The book ‘The 5000 Year Leap’ by W.Cleon Skousan was written about 25 years ago. It has sold more copies in the last four months than it did the last 25 years total. An in depth book on the struggles and deep responsibility the framers felt in drafting our constitution.