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>Mind Control – America Is Well On Its Way


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Have The Thought Police Arrived?

George Orwell’s 1984 – Tomorrow’s America?

By Don White
George Orwell, author of 1984 and other novels was really Eric Blair who lived in England and India from 1903 to 1950. He was in poor health when he came back to England. He had worked for the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, but wanted to become a writer, and he was living in poverty when he wrote his first book, Down and Out in Paris and London (1933).
Then he did something dramatic. He joined the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War and wrote of his experience in Homage to Catalonia (1938). Critics called it one of the most moving accounts ever written of this war. It was then that he decided he would speak out against tyranny – domination of any person over another. He condemned totalitarianism in a brilliantly witty allegorical fable Animal Farm (1945) and in what he meant to be a satirical novel, 1984.
Orwell wrote his last novel in 1949 and he died a year later. It is about his worst fears, events and conditions that he felt would come about in the world, especially in Great Britain and America, twenty-five years later. I posit that this is rapidly becoming reality. A world that dreamed about freedom and cherished it is getting stiffed by its leaders and shackled by Orwellian nightmares that each of us can see here in America if we would but open our eyes.
What Are Some of Those Orwellian Nightmares:
Winston Smith lived in rotting city tenement housing. On each floor of the house was a large poster of an enormous face more than a meter wide. It was of a man of about forty-five, with a heavy black mustache and ruggedly handsome features. It was a picture so contrived that the eyes followed you about when you moved. The caption below read, “Big Brother is Watching You.” Does that remind us of Stalin and Communist Russia? And what has it to do with the false adoration of Barak Obama?
In the distance a helicopter of the Police Patrol skimmed down between the roofs, snooping into people’s windows, hovering for an instant and darting away. But Orwell said the helicopters didn’t matter, only the Thought Police mattered.”
The black-mustachio’d face gazed down from every commanding corner outside and the picture’s dark eyes “looked deep into Winston’s own.”
Government had turned off the electricity to the lifts (elevators) in the start of the winter as an economy drive “in preparation for Hate Week” and the building seemed cold. There was power inside the flats and each contained a “telescreen.”  Winston’s was babbling away about pig iron and the over-fulfillment of the Ninth Three-Year Plan. Sometimes the machine played strident military music.
The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously and any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it. As long as he remained within the field of vision that the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. But there was no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment.
“How often, or on what system the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. . . You had to live . . . from habit that became instinct – in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”
A kilometer away the Ministry of Truth, where Winston worked, towered vast and wide above the grimy landscape.
He lived in London that had become part of the provinces of Oceania. “He tried to squeeze out some childhood memory that should tell him whether London had always been quite like this. Were there always these vistas of rotting nineteenth-century houses, their sides shored up with balks of timber, their windows patched with cardboard and their roofs with corrugated iron, their crazy garden walls sagging in all directions?” Then he described the bombed sites – where had sprung up sordid colonies of wooden dwellings like chicken houses.

Is this bad enough, or do you want more?

Do you want to know that not only had a free country been transformed from freedom to slavery, from strength to ignorance, from a prosperous English-speaking nation to a poor province of a One World Order speaking what Orwell calls “Newspeak,” the official language of Oceania. Are you concerned that there as a Ministry of Truth, spewing out the state’s version of news, entertainment, education, and the fine arts; the Ministry of Peace, which had to do with war; the Ministry of Love, which maintained law and order; and the Ministry of Plenty, which was responsible for economic affairs. Their names in Newspeak were Minitrue, Minipax, Miniluv, and Miniplenty.
It was a country without laws. That meant there were no courts, no defenses for allegations of sedition or wrongdoing. The only law, the only lawlessness, was what the Ministry of Truth saw you do and decided in their infinite wisdom to punish you for, such as sedition, and then you could be sent away for 25 years in a forced labor camp.
Contrast that with what we have here in America today.
Even though we are told this nation is just coming out of recession, we have almost ten percent unemployment – or sixteen percent – depending on who you believe. We have the world’s best health care, though there are maybe seven million without health care. We can come and go as we please. We live in a land of law and order, with rights protected by our Constitution, but which rights are constantly being eroded by a high- spending, far left Congress and a president who, like Bush and Clinton before him, is a New World Order advocate who vows to level our economic playing field – make the rich poor and the poor temporarily better off. But for how long?
It was Jesus Christ who said the poor will always be with us.
Today, America has a far left liberal president who has said over and over again two things: He would bring fundamental change and the U.S. Constitution is flawed.
Yet he and his first Supreme Court Judge appointment, Sonja Sotomayor, raised their hands to the square, pledging to uphold the Constitution of the United States. “The Constitution,” not something he and she want to transform it into. But remember, both are deceptive. Truth means very little to these people. People who do not practice a Judeo-Christian faith seem to have a tough time recognizing truth and adhering to it. As President Clinton said when trying to defend himself in the Monica Lewinski sex scandal, “It depends on what the (current) definition of is is.”
They come from liberal schools of thought – oh, not all, but enough to draw a distinction.  They are usually trained at Ivy League universities, seemingly well respected schools, that teach the Constitution is a living document, meaning it needs to be changed to fit the times. I used to admire the Harvard man, the man from Yale, Columbia or Princeton. Even bright conservatives sent their children to those schools and now I wonder why?

Why did I admire them and now I don’t?

If I see that someone’s bio includes training from these schools, now I say beware! They are not to be trusted as far as their feelings for our Constitution because their minds have been tainted by liberals profs, associates, and friends. That is probably why even young people from Utah, the Midwest, and other conservative areas of America go east with high, resume-enhancing, and prideful expectations.
These liberal schools graduate many liberal-minded people. They will find jobs and live like other liberal young adults until they grow old and remember their conservative backgrounds and training in the home. Though I didn’t go east for my education, like many of you I was trained at a liberal state school that had liberal profs. It is only later in life, when we start thinking for ourselves, that we question this New World Order of thinking, a deadly virus that if kept unchecked will surely destroy our American way of life and our Constitution. It is already happening.
All the presidents of the past 50 years have been New World Order people, bent on destroying America. Bent on destroying Constitutional government and replacing it with some form of socialism, fascism, stateism, big government, and a Constitution that can be changed willy-nilly by the next nitwit who comes along.  That is in direct contrast, however, to what they vowed to uphold.
Obama admires Hugo Chavez, even read his new book. When Obama nationalized the auto industry Chavez whispered to Fidel Castro, look at him, man. He’s so far left he’s making us look like moderates.
Not to be outdone, the next thing Chavez does is nationalize all of the radio stations in Venezuela, forty of them, and the television outlets, all but one which is his propaganda machine.
Will Obama follow suit, and would he attempt to shut down the Internet? Read about this at NewsMax:
I said that to a young man of my faith who is studying computer programming. He looked at me like I was crazy. “They’d never do that, the people would rebel,” he said.
But do the people rebel when the mainline media supports Obama’s every illegal move?
Do we have to wait until one fine morning when we realize we are all living in 1984?
  • One Party-line Communications: It’s already here and Obama only has to take down one network, Fox. All but Fox bowed to Obama on Sunday, yesterday, September 20, 2009, by allowing him to spew his healthcare propaganda across America for the umpteenth time. Fox, which is also peppered with New World Order commentators and contributors, would have given him time, but he didn’t request it. It’s the same old story, but his effort was not to pick up conservative Republican votes, but to solidify his own party’s vote for this massive boondoggle which he will soon ram through Congress, like it or not. Many Congressmen do not because they know it may mean the end of their political careers in the 2010 elections because the people have spoken – we don’t want government healthcare and Obama’s bill stinks.
·        Everyone Will Belong To A Union: Our economy and millions of workers will soon suffer greatly under the scourge of compulsory unionism. Card Check will allow unions to force workers to join by doing away with secret ballots.
President Mark Mix of the National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation was published in the Detroit News discussing how union boss monopoly bargaining is bankrupting Detroit’s public schools — pointing out the reality that “[t]he Detroit school district would be much better off if state legislators and [Michigan] Gov. Jennifer Granholm repealed or dramatically rolled back state policies promoting union monopoly bargaining in public schools.”
Mix also was published on National Review Online exposing the stunning resemblance forced unionism has to the dirty tricks Obama pulled in launching his political career.
Other Signs of a Decaying America:
·        Confiscating money and resources. This is done by high taxes, fines on small businesses and people for failure to buy onto Obama’s Health Care Plan and the attendant taxes and high cost of utilities because of Cap and Trade, the energy bill that Congress has already passed.
Eliminating Freedoms – A Constitution Under Siege:
·        Speech, assembly, religion, and guns
·        Taking of powers reserved to the people and states, such as regulating everything. We even have a regulator in the FCC, Mark Lloyd, who will try to tax the heck out of radio and television stations until they go under. I say try to because these acts are unconstitutional and the networks, we hope, will fight back in court. Believe it or not, some networks won’t fight Big Brother because they know Rahm Emanuel and the president are keeping score. They have an enemies list.
·        Obama has already seized control of the auto industry and all aspects of America’s financial industry under the federal central bank, the Federal Reserve, which will be complicit in the failing of America.
·        Double-digit – maybe triple digit – inflation
This will be brought about by the devaluation of the dollar. Commodities and food will become so expensive you will wish you lived on a farm or had a vegetable garden. With each new spending bill comes the printing of new money and loss of respect from our financial partners. China will have had it up to here with us and won’t lend additional money. They are about there right now.
  • A Reich-blitz Fire Storm That Will Enable Obama to Become A Complete Dictator. Check out the Michael Savage Video.
Currently Obama and the democrats are little dictators. But the dictatorship will be seen as growing too slowly, so the far left liberals under the direction of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, pulling Obama’s strings, will invent a national emergency that in the minds of Obama will demand a complete takeover of all government, ousting Congressmen, marginalizing state governments if not abolishing them altogether. He will use blood and terror to get his way and the military and his hundred thousand community organizers to force compulsion.
Then is when America will look very Orwellian. It will be 1984 in reality and we will suffer as a people, that is those who fail to oppose it and are not willing to give up their lives in defense of their country. Obama will be acting as a dictator under a directive signed for just such emergencies by the past president, George Bush, who didn’t in his wildest dreams envision two men as evil as Emanuel and Obama using his stupid little directive to destroy America. Or did he?