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>Glen Beck Wants You To Redistribute Ten Percent of Your Wealth

>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

Elmo wants to redistribute wealth
Glenn Beck 

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September 16, 2010

On Today’s Program

Establishment losing their grip

The tribe has spoken – voters are revolting not just against Democrats, but establishment politicians in general. And they still don’t get it – Christine O’Donnell is now being attacked from all angles, while virtually no one has paid any attention to her general election opponent. Glenn has details on radio today. ( Transcript, Insider AudioFREE Insider Extreme clip)
Elmo wants to redistribute wealth

Your government hard at work – they’ve enlisted the help of Elmo to push for redistributive change. The FCC is using children, saying all kids should be connected to the Internet and not that crappy dial up. Elmo says he’s tired of buffering, so he needs free broadband access! Watch the video from The Blaze.
Classic government waste: Want to make $108k per year watching the news? Just call President Obama! Glenn has the details in this free video clip. WATCH
Glenn offends caller

Last night on TV Glenn showed how the media is cherry picking pictures from Tea Party rallies and other conservative rallies to try and paint the attendees as out of the mainstream. Glenn’s advice: put away the costumes. One caller takes exception and Glenn explains why the change must happen. Check out the call with this FREE Insider Extreme  clip, and get Glenn’s explanation here: Transcript, Insider Audio.
UPDATE: Glenn Beck baselessly tells audience not to wear costumes when 87% of his wardrobe is constitutional or patriotic garb – SEE THE DAMMING PICTURE EVIDENCE.

8/28 Photo Book

To ensure the spirit is never forgotten, we are putting together a keepsake book that tells the story of 8/28 through pictures. While many of the pictures were taken by George Lange (Glenn’s photographer) others were taken by ordinary people who put their lives on hold to come to the mall that day. Pre-Order yours now!
Want to see exclusive 8/28 photos now? George Lange took thousands of pictures in the days leading up to 8/28. We sorted through all of them for the ones you would like best and put together something extra special. Check out Insider Extreme for access to a brand new behind the scenes video. Plus on September 29th, Insider Extreme will premiere the full length documentary titled “Restoring Honor: 8/28 the Documentary”. Check out the trailer HERE. Not a member? Sign up now.
Michelle Obama: Being first lady is ‘hell’

It must be tough being the first lady in a country you haven’t been proud of (until they elected your husband President). Michelle Obama reportedly told the first lady of France that her job is like ‘hell’. First lady is a job?  Get the full story HERE.
Want to see Glenn this weekend? Find out where he will be HERE.
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>Is It The End of Prosperity For America?

>Due to Washington’s stranglehold on good government since January 20, 2009, America has been on the verge of losing its status as the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. Why?

Since the early 1980s, the United States has experienced a wave of prosperity, unprecedented in history in terms of wealth creation, new jobs, and improved living standards for all.

Under the leadership of Ronald Reagan, Newt Gringrich, and, reluctantly, Bill Clinton, America really became dynamic. This leadership changed the incentive structure on taxes, inflation, and regulation. It rebounded mightily from the high-inflation, anti-growth economy of one-term president Jimmy Carter of the 1970s.

Most people believe our financial meltdown and housing crisis was caused more by the Democrats than Republicans.

Democrats had a gun to George W. Bush’s head and he totally blanked out under pressure. The Dems said they wouldn’t authorize military funding until Bush agreed with Barney (Fife) Frank, Charles Schumer, Chris Dodd, and Nancy Pelosi to loosen up Fannie and Freddy requirements so that even people who couldn’t afford houses — the poor — were given the okay to buy a house — which extension of credit ultimately caused the housing crisis.

But today, Americans are turning away from the all-mighty Democrats because of their over-spending. They’re also turning away from Republicans because they often look too much like Democrats. People are becoming more independent and conservative. They don’t want to have anything to do with progressives like Hillary, Barak, Nancy, and Barney.

One poll says only 21 percent of Today’s Americans are liberal and 42 percent are conservatives. How about that? A minority is now ruling the majority in America. Is it any wonder their ideas seem so foreign, anti-American and European?

Barak Obama’s popularity has fallen almost as fast as that of his policies, which has been an attempt to eat up vast amounts of future taxpayers’ money and wastefully spend our way out of this financial mess by unconstitutionally buying up companies. Obama’s excuse is, “Hey, man, we’re in a crisis here and anything goes.”Really!

Now we hear that Japan is joining America in this nonsense. Japan? I can’t believe it. Yes, Japan is now changing fiscal and tax policy, becoming the little brother of the mighty Americans who just can’t fail. But the problem with this is that the U.S. can and is failing. The Obama tactics won’t create net increases in jobs for another five years, according to both the FED and the CBO.

Only Washington and Japan believe raising taxes during a recession will work. Not China, not Europe, not the rest of the world. To wit, Europe seems to be coming out of this recession and America is still mired in the spending fiasco which is taking us nowhere fast.

We’re talking about The End of Prosperty, which is title of a book written by three wise men: Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore, and Peter J. Tanous. This 336-page book examins how we achieved prosperity and how policies of the current Democratic leadership — Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi — is “causing America to lose its status as the world’s growth and job-creating machine.

It explains how higher taxes will doom the economy if we let it happen.

This book explains that only tax decreases on small business, not the increases Obama wants, will help create more jobs. It tells how the Democrats are proposing exactly the wrong things to quickly crate jobs and turn the economy around.

Remember, Art Laffer was Ronald Reagan’s chief economic adviser and author of the “trickle down effect” of tax cuts. Democrats poo-poo this economic theory that has proven to work, so don’t listen to them. I strongly suggest you read this fine book if you want to discover why taxing America’s small businesses to death is exactly the wrong thing to do. If you don’t have enough horse sense to realize that punishing small businesses, which create three-quarters of the nation’s jobs, is exactly the wrong thing to do at any time, then you are missing something.

Sadly, Obama didn’t listen to Bill Clinton who in his 1995 State of the Union address said “the era of big government is over.”

Conversely, George W. Bush listened to Democratic Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico — or was it the other way around — who cut his state’s capital gains tax and the top income tax rate in half. Clinton had dropped the capital gains tax down from 28 percent to 20 percent and Bush moved it even lower, to 15 percent. Bush also eliminated capital gains for people selling their house who had lived in it two years or more. All of this helped Americans and increased jobs.

Where was Barak Obama when fellow Democrat Richardson said: “We Democrats have to end our knee-jerk opposition to tax cuts. We have to be the party of growth and the American Dream, not the party of redistribution.

Why did President George W. H. Bush raise taxes against his infamous “Read my lips” mantra, and “No new taxes promise?” Newt Gringrich led the opposition to the Bush tax hike and called it a supreme act of stupidity.

End of Prosperity is a must-read for loyal Americans who want to stop the Obama steamroller which can only lead to his infamous call for redistribution of wealth and rationing of health care (which is in his 1,000-page health bill because I’ve read it). Laffer’s book was written for our perilous times and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

>How Many Houses Does Cindy McCain Own?

>Orlando, FL–Apparently John McCain hasn’t seen all of the residences his wife, Cindy, owns. Or he doesn’t care. To him, all they are is condominiums where he has a bed to get a good night’s sleep before charging off to another state rally.

Matt Apuzzo of the Associated Press must be a raving liberal Democrat trying to lend a hand to Obama. Most of those fellas are. He said McCain may have created somewhat of a “housing crisis because Mac reportedly told Rick Warren he didn’t know how many houses he had. Actually he doesn’t own them, they belong to his rich wife, Cindy.

A working man like McCain could care less. Neither is he interested in studying how much money it takes a “rich” man to make to be called “rich.”
That’s just so much garbage with McCain, but Obama’s campaign people are anxious to find something–even if it’s really nothing–on which to pounce on McCain.

Sufferin’ suffocats! Is that all the Obama crowd has to talk about? It speaks to the quality of their campaign. They’re scratching for anything. To be so hard up for real “meaty” news is actually revealing. They will do anything to try to get a bounce in the polls, but that kind of self-righteousness will get you nowhere with McCain.

What Gangsta Tony Rezko’s neighbor from Chicago really needs is to tell us which church his esteemed eminence has joined and how he is spending his Saturdays and Sundays. May I suggest if he’s truly a Christian that he take up serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the homeless of Florida in the soup kitchens near Melbourne, Coco Beach, and Flagler Beach where Hurricane Fay dumped up to 2 feet of water in a 36-hour time span, flooding homes and causing residents to flee to higher ground and find shelter in government buildings. Maybe he should sleep over with those people on the hard gymnasium floor. Then he could truly tell them “he feels their pine.”

Where are you on that one, Barak? Be a man, fly to Florida–actually you were in Orlando a few days ago getting face time with all the networks while speaking before the Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention, and you gave no discernible heart-felt thought to the plight of flood victims. I watched your speech on TV and your arrogance is going to lose you this race.

But someone cares, your campaign coffers are full. Why don’t you hop right down here again and bring your photographers and devote one whole day serving mankind. Then tell us the name of your new Christian Church and what position they’ve given you in it–what they have you doing to keep your spiritual side in tune with the Lord.

You don’t have to be bashful about that. Good old Christian service will atone for all the lying you’ve done lately in all of your political issue super-flip-flops. But before you can truly repent of something, you have to be contrite. That means humble, accepting the fact that you have made some, shall we call them, mistakes? But we simpletons will still remember what a manipulator you have become–you’re so bad you’d steal gumdrops from a kid if it would enhance your image.

Your campaign people are too busy seizing on the infantile, the brazen, the politically fleeting, and the just totally stupid to pitch in and help you be seen doing something with any lasting and redeeming value.

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I know you have tired to turn McCain’s gaffe into one of those symbolic moments that stick in voters’ minds, with the video and all. In doing so, you are really reaching. You know, you and Mac aren’t on equal footing before the electorate. McCain has already established himself as a straight-shooter John Wayne persona. Barak Obama, you have a long ways to go to tarnish his impeccable character.

While both sides are trying cast the other as too rich to understand the needs of the working class, it’s all about image. In modern politics, presidential candidates don’t struggle to pay the mortgage. They don’t often stand in line at the grocery store or frequent tamale stands either — unless accompanied by hoards of traveling reporters.

The truth is, neither candidate is hurting for money.

McCain’s tax returns showed a total income of $405,409 in 2007. According to her 2006 tax returns, Cindy McCain had a total income of $6 million. Her wealth is estimated by some at $100 million, based on her late father’s Arizona beer distributorship. She has not released her 2007 returns, which she files separately from her husband. The interesting thing about Mrs. Obama’s wealth and yearly income is that once Obama became a U.S. Senator, it rose dramatically at the university where she works. Were there political favors in that, too?

Obama and his wife, Michelle, reported making $4.2 million in 2007.

In the 2004 campaign, Republicans mentioned the wealth issue against Kerry even though President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were multimillionaires themselves. In 2005, Kerry reported a net worth between $165 million and $235 million, most of it controlled by his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry. Likewise, the reader will find McCain, himself, is not a millionaire, except in the inflated value of a couple of residences. Everyone knows what a Senator makes per year and it’s nothing like $5 million a year.

Underscoring how seriously the McCain campaign takes the house controversy, the Republican National Committee responded with a Web site highlighting Obama’s ties to Chicago businessman Antonin “Tony” Rezko, a friend and contributor who was convicted in June on more than a dozen felonies in a corruption scandal.

Obama and his wife bought their home in Chicago in 2005 for $1.6 million after getting advice from Rezko. The AP said the corruption case had no connection to Obama, and Obama has said it was a mistake to work with Rezko on buying the house, but to be truthful, the AP should withhold judgment. Ethics charges have been filed against Obama and there will be some court proceedings that Obama will be required to attend to before the year is out. He very well could have violated some Federal Crime statutes regarding the “good deal” he got on his land deal.

“Does a guy who made more than $4 million last year, just got back from vacation on a beach in Hawaii and bought his own million-dollar mansion with the help of a convicted felon really want to get into a debate about houses?” McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers asked. “Does a guy who worries about the price of arugula and thinks regular people ‘cling’ to guns and religion in the face of economic hardship really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans?

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