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>Blacks Were Not America’s First Slaves

>by Don White

Who wrote the following?
“In the world I describe there are attempts to move up the social ladder, wasteful and indolent people, greed, working class oppression, parenthood neglect and guilt, dysfunctional family relationships, resentment, revenge and imprisonment.”

What time period am I describing? It has all of the above emotions and challenges.

If you said our own modern world, the twenty-first century, you would be right.

But these are the prominent themes in the works of Charles Dickinson, the 1860s, those in his book Great Expectations — regarded as his greatest and most sophisticated novel.

Isn’t it sad that human relations haven’t progressed from that period a hundred fifty years ago to the present? In the above novel, prison is a familiar theme, especially in his later works, particularly in the novel Little Dorit, focusing on the section that takes place in the Hulks and Newgate Prison.

If I also told you that blacks were not America’s first people thrust into bondage on America soil, Anglo Saxons were, you probably wouldn’t believe that, either.

The black slavery issue may have been the first and most egregious example of one race lording it over another, but it was not the only race subjected to slavery in America on a mass scale. Thousands of white people from Great Britain were enslaved in America as early as early as 1649, but you don’t hear about it because Caucasions don’t scream and holler about it for a hundred and fifty years after slavery was abolished in America in 1860.

Sir John Hawkins enslaved the first black in 1502 and took them to the Americas, but not to America itself, which did not exist then. See the story on Getting America Right on the web site Freedom.