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Don White Responds To Slate’s Buchanan Promo

Pat Buchanan is one thing, but what about our Republican candidate McCain?

He doesn’t mind throwing conservative Republican Mitt Romney under the bus regarding a timetable for Iraq—actually Mac lied to a national audience, misconstruing Romney’s position, and got away with it. This war hero smeared our best conservative hope, weakening him on security matters, probably causing him to lose Florida and to drop out of the primary race; and you ask why most Conservatives wonder how they can support this Arizona Maverick?

McCain cozies up very well with Democrats, including Obama, Kennedy, Feingold, Pelosi, and many more. He even considers himself good friends with Hillary Clinton. When the campaign for president starts in earnest voters will discover just how bad a candidate John McCain is. He’s a poor public speaker; his brain often fails him. Worst of all, this liberal Republican hasn’t seen a Demo he doesn’t love, though he touts this as a strength.

McCain has shown a reluctance to join Nouth Carolina’s Republican Party in criticizing Obama and his “running mate pastor” Jeramiah Wright over the “G…damned America” comments that Barak must have heard unless he’s afflicted with sleep apnea in church.

America’s war hero candidate would have us believe he doesn’t practice partisan politics, that he wouldn’t stoop to “throw mud,” but the Carolinian ad is not racial and it isn’t a minor issue. We should applaud the South Carolina Republicans for refocusing attention on Obama’s latent hate-America psychosis, a weakness that would not soon be forgotten if anyone but McCain were running.

It has certainly energized Hillary’s chances. She quietly took joy in the mileage she gained from this festering Obama psychosomatic ailment.

At a time when you have a consensus war hero on one hand and a Barak Hussain Obama, who has never served in the military on the other, what’s more germane? What’s more of an issue in this election than finding out who is pro-American and who is not?

In my opinion, this issue is so important, so basic and pertinent, that unless we elect a real American we can kiss the USA as we know it goodbye.

Candidate Obama has said, he will go out of his way to negotiate with the leaders of Cuba, Russia, China, Iran and the Hezbola. In doing so, like President Carter with our Arab enemies, he will grant them more legitimacy than most of these America haters deserve and will windup being used. If he is “successful,” it’s goodbye to Taiwan, South Korea, Columbia, and a host of other allies that could be eaten up in Barak’s close and reckless encounters with the enemy. Be careful, Barak, the Mexicans feel they got cheated out of California, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. The Russians want Alaska back and the Chinese are tooling up for World War III.

Slate should stop plugging Buchanan’s book–but of course they have to advertise to stay in business–and start writing stories that delve into why McCain won’t criticize his opposition. Commission Don White to write it. He knows why McCain is reluctant to criticize the enemy and will thoroughly research it like the professional newsman he is. He is an attorney and an astute thinker, a freelance writer with recent credits in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, Salt Lake Tribune, Arkansas Times, Meridian, Des Moines Register and many more.

Mr. White has a new book out about real estate, Selling Fast. He should write one about McCain called Selling Out Fast, Follow the Money.

Not a few Republicans believe McCain has no intention of becoming the next president. His heart isn’t in it. He’s an obstructionist-enemy-lover, always has been. His McCain Feingold bill isn’t any good and he’s discovering it by having to violate his own bill in this campaign. If these remarks seem off the wall, why then did he keep his seat in the senate when a true patriot would have found it an honor to retire from the senate to run for president? Lord knows he’s old enough and has a comfortable retirement coming.

Obama’s love affair with things illegal and UNAMERICAN is THE major story of the campaign, no matter what the Demos say. They always point blame at the Republicans, but why then–having controlled Congress for the last 17 months–have we yet to see a single energy bill?

Follow energy and you discover high gas prices, constricted commodity supply and runaway prices, and a host of other problems in America. Let’s be frank, Nancy Pelosi is a traitor, every conservative knows that. We’re at war with Iran, but she won’t even bring to a vote a very special military piece of legislation that could save American lives–the wiretapping bill. Her conduct regarding the Columbian free trade bill shows what a coward she is—all of it to advance her own agenda.

When will McCain speak up? He’s the putative spokesman of his party. Our country was prospering under Bush until the Demos came to power.

Don White

Do you believe Bush has done a good job or a rotten job?

The following is from Pat Buchanan: Let’s hear your concerns and thoughts:

As one looks at the polls, the issues and the candidates, the election of 2008 resembles what poker players call a “lay-down hand.”

Two-thirds of the nation believes the Iraq war a blunder. Sixty-nine percent disapproves of President Bush. Eighty-one percent thinks America is on the wrong course.

Inflation is at 4 percent and rising. Unemployment is 5 percent and rising. Gasoline, heating oil and food prices are soaring. The dollar has lost half its values against the euro. Homes are being foreclosed upon at Depression rates. The stock market is in a swoon. And 3.5 million manufacturing jobs have vanished under Bush.

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