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>WordWise Is A Great Place To Be

>By Don White

There’s a perfect place for you to hone your writing ability and that is in school or on the school paper or yearbook. Assuming you’ve been there and been that, the web site many suggest is called WordWise.

Impresario Dan Santow will safely guide you through grammar 101 which so many bloggers fail to get. If you’re going to write the great American novel, you’d better get your infinities and verbs right-otherwise your work will be a nonstarter and won’t get past the agent’s transom.

I looked in on it today and learned a new word that my nephew in grade school could have taught me. It’s “ginormous,” a combination of two adjectives, enormous and gigantic. Your first reaction will be “That’s gotta’ be contrived and therefore not even an approved word in Websters.”

Wrong, it’s been around since 1948 and is well recognized by word mavens.
All of this is discussed in the above blog. Get there.