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>Napolitan: Don’t You Dare X-Ray American Streets


December 31,2010
I Thought Janet Napolitano Was Our Homeland Security Leader?
If so, what’s she doing traveling to Afghanistan? And why does she need a week there? After one week is up, she travels to – of all places – the tiny nation of Qatar for one day then on to Israel for three days and Belgium for three days.
If she comes back and orders three thousand of those massive white trucks that the U.S. Army has over there that can X-ray you and everything in sight, I’ll be upset. Those cost millions and millions. And you can count it – that she and Barak will spend billions on this new initiative “to keep us safe.” When in the backs of their minds it will be to rub us out and to put us down. X-ray machines can sterilize people and shorten life. Think about it. That is one of Obama’s chief prerogatives – to reduce population.
He’s doing it in Health Care, wars, death panels, doing away with life saving drugs (Avistan, for example that breast cancer victims must have to save their lives), and in many other areas. The entire Green Movement is to reduce population. Bill Gate’s government-program (supported by U.S. taxes) is one of sterilizing farm seeds and it goes hand in hand with that idea. If farmers have to buy sterilized seeds that don’t leave seeds to grow plants the following season from Gates and his conglomerate (which includes the U.S. government0 then the and we can’t survive. Africans are already feeling the economically debilitating effect of this. You should read my latest book, a novel packed with plenty of educational things, called Murder By Executive Order or, on the blog, “Government Kills.” Here’s a link to a small part of the novel:
American taxes pay for abortions abroad. We are responsible – not you and I, but our insane government – for killing millions of unborn or partial birth babies – and that has to stop!
Yes, we can learn something from her Israel visit. Has the administration finally awakened to the fact that this small country of Israel is doing a much better job guarding their borders than we are at our borders? But, remember, life in Israel is a whole lot different than in America where we still enjoy – or enjoyed – certain freedoms and the Israelis apparently don’t.
Then how much of these things is she going to implement? Will she make the U.S. an unarmed country where we can’t own guns? Will she get in Mr. Obama’s ear and suggest we hire the HLS director of Israel? I doubt it, but that might not be a bad idea considering the lackluster job she has done here in America. 
The following was printed in POLITICO PLAYBOOK this morning:
BREAKING – “SECRETARY NAPOLITANO ARRIVES IN AFGHANISTAN: Weeklong Trip Will Include Stops in Qatar, Israel and Belgium” – Homeland Security release: “Secretary Janet Napolitano arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan today at approximately 7:42 a.m. AFT along with six additional DHS customs and border security officials who will join DHS personnel already deployed in the region to provide civilian assistance to local security officials. … Following her departure from Afghanistan, Secretary Napolitano will continue to Qatar on Jan. 2; Israel on Jan. 3-5; and Belgium on Jan. 5-6 to meet with her counterparts and discuss international efforts to ensure the security of our global aviation and supply chain systems against threats of terrorism and transnational crime.” 

–Photo by Sean Smith: Secretary Napolitano, boarding a helicopter at Torkham Forwarding Operating Base, to view the Torkham border crossing across from the Khyber Pass in Pakistan: ‘DHS has nearly two dozen customs and border officials advising the Afghans as part of America’s commitment to helping Afghanistan build their civilian governance capacity.’ 

It isn’t bad to communicate with your counterparts in other areas of the world. But we ought to have someone more successful than Janet Napolitano to offer to the world. And why such an extensive trip?

Something else that disturbs me: Feds shut down 82 websites selling Chinese-made counterfeit goodsupdated November 29, 2010

Federal agents highlighted Cyber Monday, a peak day for online shopping, by seizing 82 websites selling Chinese-made counterfeit products in a crackdown designed to severely sting criminals in the pocketbook.
I’m not for the Chinese counterfeiting goods. I am against shutting down websites. Let’s follow this one awhile and see where it goes. If it means more shutdowns of websites, then it is a major problem for America. Because we know Obama will use any pretext to close out Republican and conservative web sites and radio and TV talk show-hosted programs.
For Napolitano it smacks of setting up homeland security worldwide. Worldwide is Obama’s middle name. He wants to be a world leader of a One World political system. This is just another step in that direction, it isn’t about security.
How can Janet N. possibly be a good, positive source of successful security when she can’t even keep her own country safe without turning it into a police state – which we are bordering on becoming here in the United States. She doesn’t even enforce border laws – like between Arizona and Mexico – that are already on the books. Oh, but I forgot. Obama and company don’t care about laws. They circumvent them all the time. That’s why all of the executive orders. That’s why they sneak around during Congressional Recess appointng new czars and making new regulations. The new assistant named a few days ago to help Eric Holder couldn’t get approved by Congress – even a Democrat Congress. No problemo, we’ll just wait until people go home and aren’t looking and appoint him anyway.
When she stops the inflow of crime, drugs, and undocumented, unwanted, and illegal aliens from Mexico I would say send her to the Moon if you want. But make her accountable here at home before you send her all over the world as a shinning light, a beacon of perfection in homeland security.
Let there be no doubt. The current leaders in Washington don’t want to keep us safe, they want to complicate our lives and make us subservient to computer norms, electronic scanners – you know those massive trucks they have in Afghanistan driving down the street that can X-ray and contaminate everything in sight. Yes, soon we will all be X-rayed the moment we drive our cars out of the garage – frisking by heavy-handed men and women at the airport, and wire tapping our phone call sessions. This isn’t America anymore, it smacks of communist Russia. Well, I do believe Barak Obama admires communism more than liberty and now it’s time we – and especially the new Tea Party Congress – reign him in.
Don White