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>Shocking Pressure Unions Have Over Obama

>What A Great Day – With Glenn Beck At The Helm We Shall Not Fail!

February 22, 2011
On Today’s Program

The world is changing. Darkness is growing

On radio this morning, Glenn talked about his meeting with spiritual leader Rev. Billy Graham. What did Glenn take away from the meeting? Why does he say that despite the tough times across the world that “the shadows can only grow darker as the sun grows lighter”? Glenn gave his reaction to the meeting on radio this morning. Get all the details at

Shocking Union influence over President Obama

MSNBC reports that President Obama is no longer meeting with his cabinet members and is instead seeking presidential council elsewhere. Who had his ear? Union boss Richard Trumka said, “I am at the White House a couple of times a week…two, three times a week.” What does Glenn think about this unprecedented access that unions have to the Obama administration? How does this all tie into “top down, bottom up” insurrection that Glenn has been warning about? Hear Glenn give his response on radio this morning HERE.

New episode of “The 7…Live” tomorrow at 2pm: Ron Usner will be back in our NYC studio tomorrow to talk about his ongoing journey using the 7 Wonders with Dr. Ablow. Ron is the 26 year old recovering heroin addict who joined us a few weeks ago to share his story. He came on the show with his parents to discuss the 10 year addiction that has impacted the entire family. It’s raw, unscripted and totally FREE.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 2 pm EST for the new episode and you can watch past episodes HERE