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>Labor Losing In Wisconsin

>LABOR LOSING P.R. FIGHT IN WISCONSIN – Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman: “Some strategists and labor officials … are beginning to fret that a large-scale defeat in Wisconsin will have a devastating ripple effect, weakening labor state by state throughout the rest of the country. ‘Some of the labor people are saying “It’s the beginning of the fight back,”‘ a top labor official said of Wisconsin. ‘But if the labor movement rallies and gets run over in Wisconsin, it opens (the gates) in every state’ for governors to start pushing harder to curtail labor rights. ‘Not every state’s going to roll back collective bargaining’ the official … added, but said it could open the gates for union losses on various fronts, like benefits. … Wisconsin teachers – whose walkouts last week forced school closures in many districts – were urged back to work by their union leaders. … Hostility to public sector workers, including teachers, is at an all-time high amid a recession and a new national mania for curbing the tide of fiscal red ink. Walker appears to have a firm legislative majority on his side.” 

–Jon Ward interviews Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) for The Daily, “GOV: BUTT OUT, MR. PRESIDENT: Wisconsin’s tough-on-unions leader stands firm”: “Walked chided: ‘The president of the United States should spend more time trying to balance the federal budget.'” 

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