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This is a lone conservative voice in “The Wilderness of Liberals.” I’m a patriotic America who long ago chose another political party than the Democratic Party in which I served. I became a Republican and now consider myself a conservative because the two parties have failed us Americans. They have, through the Leadership of Barak Obama, bankrupted our nation and have no thought for anything except humbling our people. I hope it isn’t too late to “dial this back.” We need to throw Obama and his gang out of office in the general election of 2012 and all of the current Republicans and Democrats out of office with them. We need term limites – 8 years is sufficient, however you break it up. Today’s administration is not only arrogant, but they do not have the interest of America in mind when they spend, spend, spend to the extent that Chinese university students laughed the Secretary of Treasury, Timothy Gaithner, off the stage when he had the temerity to suggest that our American dollar is in good shape. It’s a sham and the spending must stop. Let California and other states who have overspent their budgets fail. Stop sending money to Hamas and Israel. Stop sending money to the UN. Stop sending money abroad to support abortion clinics. Start a new wave of patriotism in America by praising this country when you are on foreign soil, instead of criticizing her. You Dems may consider this the most successful administration of all time because of how you have loaded the backs of the people, but to us in the trenches it isn’t funny, it’s not a joke, and it isn’t true. We want our country back. Stop spending, stop catering to terrible dictators like Chavez, King Abdulla (to whom you bowed deeply), to that guy in Honduras who got knocked out of office by the people and to Cuban dictator Castro and Lybian dictator Qaddafi. Stop bleeding Americans through direct and indirect taxation. Stop this cap and trade nonsense. The temperatures have actually gone down each year since 2002. It’s a disgraceful sham to further enrich people like Al Gore. And finally, stop attacking Christians, ministers and chaplains. They have a God-given right to speak up for righteousness and God-given liberties. Government Health Care is a failed idea. Stop bringing it up. It failed under Hillary,it failed in Canada and the UK and throughout Europe. We don’t want rationed health care, we want what we now have. Even the House bill passed recently would leave 37 million people uncovered. Today no one is really uncovered, because charities and the American taxpayers usually end up paying their bills. Yes, doctors should reduce their bills. Big Pharma should reduce drug prices for Americans.