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>The Rise of The Right In America–The Biggest Story In American Politics

Let’s Have The Facts About Richard Scaife

We can learn much about a person by his statements. Speaking to John F. Kennedy, Jr. who was editor of a magazine called George at the time, this is what he had to say about Bill Clinton’s activities as Arkansas governor and president:

Listen, [Clinton] can order people done away with at his will. He’s got the entire federal government behind him. … God, there must be 60 people [associated with Bill Clinton] who have died mysteriously. (3)

Richard Mellon Scaife has been a key figure in
conservative politics since the 1960s. Called by
liberal pundit James Carville in 1999 “the
archconservative godfather in political funding,”
he helped bankroll the modern conservative

The Scaife Foundation, the

Carthage Foundation, and the Allen

foundations are largely drawn from the

oil and banking holdings of people like Scaife.

His personal fortune is estimated by Forbes

to be around $800,000.

Institutional Affiliations:

  • Heritage Foundation: Trustee (1985-current) (1)
  • Hoover Institution (Director) (1)
  • Committee on Present Danger: Funder (1985-1989) (2)
  • Sarah Scaife Foundation: Chair (6)
  • Carthage Foundation: Chair (6)
  • Pittsburgh World Affairs Council, Director
  • Pepperdine University, Director (1)
  • Government Posts/Panels/Commissions
  • Former member, U.S. Advisory Commission for Public Diplomacy
  • Tribune-Review Publishing, Vice Chair
  • Tribune0-Review, Owner (1)
  • Sacramento Union (past owner) (12)
  • First Boston Corp., Director

Education (no degrees mentioned)

University of Pittsburgh, (4)

Yale University (4,6)

Scaife’s funding activiies began in various
organizations, including the American Bar Assn.,
particularly regarding education to confront
communism. Scaife soon developed The
Enterprise Institute, the Hoover Institution
and Georgetown International Studies.

Scaife began funding the Heritage
Foundation in 1974. Readers of
PoliticalDisconnect will be able to
read an in depth article soon about
this foundation and its efforts to
reveal the true history of Barak Obama.

Initially, Schaife was interested in buying
media outlets and funding political candidates.
This shifted into funding organizations instead.
He purchased the largest paper in Pennsylvania,
the Pittsburgh Tribune/Review, in 1969 for
$5 million when he was 37. Disallusionment
with Richard Nixon caused him to switch
from papers to organizations.

Strangely, Scaife reportedly supports abortion rights.
Otherwise, he has adopted a conservative agenda.


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According to a 1999 Washington Post report,
Scaife’s funding work has boosted the conservative
agenda in recent years, his family’s charitable entities
having given at least $340 million to $620 million dollars.
The total of Saife’s giving—to conservatives as well as
many other beneficiaries—exceeds $600 million,
or $1.4 billion in current dollars.

In the world of big-time philanthropy,
there are many bigger givers. The
Ford Foundation gave away $491
million in 1998 alone. But by
concentrating his giving on a specific
ideological objective for nearly 40 years,
Sciefe has made most of his grants with
no strings attached.

Scaife’s philanthropy
has had a disproportionate impact on politics
and perhaps is the biggest story in American politics
in the last of the Twentieth Century.