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>Which Country Invented The Most Goodies?




USA 13%
Japan 12%
France 9%
India 6%
Canada 5%
Israel 5%
China 4%
Finland 3%
South Korea 3%
germany 3%
UK OF GB & NI 2%
Iceland 2%
Australia 2%
Sweden 1%
Iran 1%
Poland 1%
The Netherlands 1%
russia 1%
Impossible to tell 1%
morrocoo <1%
Mexico, we made the coke <1%
united states <1%
Turkey <1%
New Zealand <1%
Romania <1%
singapore <1%
Norway <1%
Bulgaria <1%
Italy <1%
All countries <1%
Denmark <1%
Jamaica <1%
Hungary <1%
Mongolia <1%
portugal <1%
serbia <1%
Saudi Arabia <1%
colombia <1%
Zimbabwe, definitely! <1%
Somalia <1%
Niger <1%
Spain <1%
Slovenia <1%
Wales <1%
Croatia <1%
Armenia <1%
South Africa <1%
togo <1%
Puerto Rico <1%
Costa Rica <1%
el salvador <1%
Azerbaijan <1%
Venezuela <1%
Malta <1%
Taiwan <1%
Poland – Hands Down! <1%
Kuwait 0%
Yemen 0%
Austria 0%

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My vote Japan. But why is America on the list?

by richarddx on Wed Jun 07, 06 12:34pm [+]

The average Japanese IQ is 105, but I’m more
impressed by the people of Finland. Coldcircuit

A lot of people think Japan has a great
education system
but as someone who has lived there I
know that is a myth.
In Japan once you get into college
(the only part of education that is
worthwhile!) you stop learning. In
Japan university is seen as a kind
of gap year between all
the years of hard work spent
cramming for exams and a
lifetime of office work. In fact,
at the top university (tokyoU)
a professor once gave a test
where all students had to do was
identify his picture. Half the class failed,
they had skiped so much. Despite this if
you haven’t gone to a top university
your seen as worthless in Japan. A
while back there was a case of a well
known scientist having his work go
unrecognized because he graduated
from a tech college. Add that to the
fact that I was hired because, as my
boss put it, “Japanese don’t know
how to think.”
And you can see why I’m upset
with the U.S. being dissed.
True, most people in America are
dead ignorant, but I remember
a poll in Japan. When asked to
locate America the majority of Japanese
actually thought it was somewhere
in China! Sorry I ranted but I think
this self-hating attitude is the
main problem in the States nowadays.
When asked about things they suck
at (like healthcare or economics)
Americans think they are the best
but when people bring up something
they lead the world in (like science
and education!)they talk about how
terrible they are at it, and the rest
of the world buys into this stupidity!
I picked Finland because on the whole
I think the people are more intelligent,
but America is certainly intellectually
superior to Japan.
P.S. 105 is an average I.Q Elowynd