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>How a President Obama Would Fail

>How Would a President Obama Respond to These Madmen?

Late on the night of January 20, 2009, the next Commander-in-Chief will be driven from the inaugural festivities to the Oval Office where he will be met by a national security staff ready with a “Threat Briefing.”

Will the lunatic Iranian President Ahmadinejad be moving nuclear missiles into Venezuela, pointed north?

Will Russian stormtroopers be marching southward, trying to reclaim their lost glory by reigniting the Cold War?

Will Syria’s Assad be ready to hammer Tel Aviv through his Lebanese proxies?

And what of the other unhinged madmen in Venezuela, North Korea, the Sudan, Zimbabwe, Burma, and the caves of Afghanistan? All kinds of bad boys are hanging around the global water cooler these days…

Obama with Arafat Advisor Edward Said at an anti-Israel fundraiser.
By his own account, Obama would consider it a priority to meet at once with every evil thug out there – without precondition.

A stroll down the Champs Elysees with Ahmadinejad would make a rare photo opp – two men of Muslim heritage, there in an emerging Muslim nation, one of them holding a knife behind his back.

How did America get to the point when a greenhorn like Obama could be within a breath of the Presidency?

And while we’re asking…

Why are so many Islamofascists who are sworn to the destruction of America also actively campaigning for Obama?

What special rights would Muslims demand, and receive, from Obama?

Farrakhan fires up Nation of Islam to march for Obama.

After refusing to condemn for calling General Petraeus a war criminal, how could Obama be an effective Commander-in-Chief?

These are a few of the foreign policy issues answered in Obama Unmasked.

Then there are the questions about the homefront…

After Obama raises taxes the first time but doesn’t get the revenue he thinks he needs, will he raise taxes a second time? And how high?

Would Obama put a gun to the head of an unborn child, but ban all other uses of that gun?

One Obama says he will force states to allow same-sex marriages. The other Obama says states can make their own decisions. Which of these two Obama’s is lying?

What did Obama promise union bosses to convince them to commit more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS to winning this election?

Will ObamaCare drive good doctors out of healthcare and leave us to the mercy of, well, of who?

Do businessmen truly understand the tangle of workplace regulations they’ll see from Obama’s labor watchdogs?

Will the senior posts in an Obama Administration be filled with nutcase preachers, shifty Chicago radicals, Clinton retreads, or all three?

And, in the final analysis, is it fair to conclude that Obama offers only the simple slogan of “change” because he has little else to offer?

Obama’s oldest friend in
politics is a murderer and
unrepentant terrorist.
Why are they friends?

He has been completely masked by his handlers in Hollywood, New York, and Washington. His very survival as a candidate now depends on his keeping that mask snugly fit.

That’s why Obama Unmasked is so important. And that’s why your help is desperately needed to rip away the mask and let the voting public see what they’d really be getting with Obama as President.

Please use this opportunity to order at least one copy of Obama Unmasked, enjoy a great read, then share it widely!

And remember, when you get Obama Unmasked and then tell at least five friends to get a copy as well – you’ll help to stop the Obama media machine from rolling right over an unsuspecting electorate.


>Washington Post Is A Liberal Feast

>by Don White
If you read the Washington Post, be ready for more of that liberal hay they like to feed their livestock. In essence it is ” it’s sure nice the Republicans are being put out to pasture so the Democrats can run wild.” One particularly vexing read was that of writer Eugene Robinson, something about “Outward Bound.” I wrote a rebuttal as a comment to his tirade against Republicanism. It goes like this:

Eugene, you’re too good a writer to be taken in by all this liberal brainwash. I’ve read your comments and those of your readers, which are running 2-1 against what you said.

Let me weigh in:

Obama would be a disaster for America, especially at this time. He has proven he knows nothing about national security–in fact he couldn’t even get a security clearance if he tried to at say Lockheed Martin that makes missiles and honning-in detection devices, because of his ties to a known terrorist and his interest in Penny Pritzker, his national campaign fund raiser chair, because of her ties to Iran’s Ahmadinejad whom she hosted recently at her hotel. He’s a known threat to the security of both Israel and the US.

On tax issues, Obama is a threat to the peace and stability of our country. His program of raising taxes–and then lying about it–will be the wrong medicine to a country trying to come out of a financial melt-down, which by the way was caused partly by Obama himself with his and Barney Frank’s insistence that we lower lending standards in America, thus allowing people who shouldn’t have had a loan to get loans that couldn’t be paid back because these people didn’t really qualify until this racial thing ACORN and the Democrats spouted became a national issue.

Obama stated that he would not raise taxes on people earning less than $250,000. However, he voted in the Senate to let the Bush tax cuts expire.He has never–repeat–never voted to lower taxes.

What do you call that?

Taking away the Bush tax cuts is no different than RAISING your taxes. It will not just raise the taxes of those earning over $250,000 it will be for EVERY American–100% across the board.

Go to or my blog to learn about the dangers of an Obama Presidency.

This is only the beginning. Obama said he would remove the ceiling on Social Security (FICA) tax. That is a 6.2% tax increase on those people earning over $102,000.

If you are self-employed, that increase is 12.4%. That is just the beginning!

He only mentioned earnings. What about un-earned income, such as savings interest or dividends on your investments?

Many of us have retirement or college savings plans. The dividends accumulated in those funds will be taxed.

His increase in Capital Gains taxes by 13%, from 15% – 28% will take care of that.

What about the pensions our seniors, of whom I’m one, who are already collecting? Their pension checks are probably coming from mutual funds.

If you fall into that category, you can look for a 13% increase in Capital Gains Tax, which will reduce your retirement income.

Go to my other website, to learn about the dangers of an Obama Presidency. .

Democrat Barack Obama is someone we all should fear. And with a Democrat Congress and a Democrat president, he will run roughshod over the working class and the higher-salaried professional class in this country, and many blacks in Congress will interpret this as their best chance to in one term to make up for 150 years of perceived social and racial injustice. You will see a resurgence of the ugly head of affirmative action, one-worldism, taxation, socialism, even Marxism. Obama talks big, but this is the same man that wants to expand our government.

Obama promised to raise taxes on those big bad corporations; those big bad corporations that gave you a job. Pray you do not work for one of them. If you do, next holiday season you may not be standing on the checkout line in your favorite gift store. You’ll more likely be standing on the unemployment line instead.

Obama’s total disregard to reform the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE’s) has helped create the devastation that has led us to the biggest financial crisis in American history. He is part of the problem.

The media has stated that, “Obama benefitted politically from the financial crisis.”

Guess who received campaign contributions from the people who drove Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae into the ground?

Barack Obama, Christopher Dodd and John Kerry.

Who will be Obama’s financial advisors in his cabinet? Think of the people with whom he has already aligned himself:

* Franklin Raines, who cooked the books at Fannie Mae and walked away with $90 million; Do you want him as Secretary of the Treasury?

* Jim Johnson, who was on his Vice Presidential search committee, was the former CEO of Fannie Mae. Would you want him to be appointed the Director of the Office of Management and Budget by a President Obama?

If this is what you want, Obama is your man. However, if you really want to know where your next meal is coming from, then share this message with your friends and family NOW. Time is short. Obama has millions of dollars to pay for fancy TV ads. Don’t be fooled. He isn’t the harmless guy down the street. Well, he is if your name is Terrorist William Ayers or Louis Farrakhan, a Muslim fanatic who believes Obama is the Messiah